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What is a pose primary obesity surgery endolumenal?

Primary obesity Surgery Endolumenal (commonly called POSE surgery or pose bariatric surgery) is a weight loss surgery belonging to the group of experimental surgical obesity treatment methods. This group of bariatric surgeries still waits for approval from the FDA or the professional bariatric surgery community and is performed only in a selected location. Despite this fact, pose weight loss surgery is getting more and more popular among overweight people. Generally, people with a very high BMI have regular weight loss surgery because pose surgery for weight loss is dedicated to people who aim to lose up to 30 kilograms. Primary obesity surgery endolumenal is strongly related to endoscopy because the whole procedure is performed through the mouth, so there are no incisions at all. It allows for an amazingly quick recovery (a few days only) and reduces the risk of surgical complications. The main assumption of endoluminal surgery is restricting eating and reducing hunger by making the stomach smaller (and decreasing its capacity).

The POSE is new experimental obesity treatment. It is incisionless method, the whole procedure is performed through the mouth by use of an endoscopy tool

Pose surgery is dedicated to people who look for bariatric surgery because the diets and exercising trials have been an unsuccessful loss. Candidates should have a BMI between 28 and 40 (the higher BMI would entail more serious surgery e.g. gastric bypass or gastric sleeve). It is also a solution for those who do not want to have regular surgery that leaves scars. The pose is done endoscopically, thanks to which there are no scars and the recovery time is short. Of course, the final decision about the qualification for pose belongs to the bariatric surgeon, who thoroughly examines each patient and specifies the patient’s health condition, expectations, commitment, and motivation.

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How the pose procedure looks like?

Primary obesity surgery endolumenal (pose) procedure is an endoscopy procedure, in which all the devices are put through the mouth. It is performed under general anaesthesia and its duration should not exceed 50 minutes. For Pose procedure, surgeons use an endoscope camera – to screen the stomach and the IOP (incisionless operating platform) – it is a set of tools for incisionless endoscopic surgeries developed by USGI Medical. Both a camera and IOP are placed in the stomach through the mouth.

Once the tools are in the stomach, the surgeon uses them to grasp and fold stomach tissue sections. The surgeon makes multiple folds which then are fastened and secured with special expandable suture anchors.

The main advantages of pose include:

  • there are no incisions or cuts and no visible scars
  • it is a quick procedure
  • the recovery is very short
  • the risk of complications is lower than in traditional weight-loss surgeries
  • it is a reversible procedure.

Patients of pose surgery, as any other bariatric patients, must follow a special weight loss surgery diet afterwards. Starting with liquids only (e.g. water, juice, milk, broth), patients gradually add recommended products to their diet. Patients may have different food tolerances, so it is important to observe the body and avoid food that causes digestive problems. Only a healthy and balanced diet as well as physical activity make pose patients lose weight successfully.

Pose surgery recovery time

Knowing what is the recovery time for weight loss surgery is extremely important for patients because it helps them get prepared for the time after the procedure, which in fact is the most important for the final results. Generally, pose patients leave the clinic the same day as the surgery is performed. Pose procedure is performed within 30-50 minutes under general anaesthesia and patients are woken up a few hours later. Regarding returning to work, some patients are able to go to work a day after the procedure, however, these are usually 2-3 days of rest at home. 

Cropped shot of female doctor checking her patient pulse whit her hand

Recovery time after POSE surgery is really quick as there aren’t any incisions made during the procedure

The most burdensome discomfort after the procedure is a sore throat – it is the effect of an endoscopic procedure. This discomfort should alleviate day by day and finally disappear completely. Apart from that, patients may feel pain in the stomach for the first few days, but medications should help. The pain in the stomach as well as sore throat should go off within a few days.

The first results can be observed about a month after the procedure (assuming that patients follow the diet prepared by a clinic dietician). Despite the fact patients eat much less food, they feel full almost all the time and the feeling of hunger rarely appears. It must be mentioned here that a patient’s attitude, motivation, and response to the body signals play a key role here.

The tips that are important for pose patients during the recovery are:

  • avoiding stretching the stomach for the first month after the surgery (only liquids and some soft foods are allowed)
  • learning how to recognize the body signals of hunger and fullness.

Also, the recovery after pose does not mean that patients should only rest. On the contrary, physical activity should be implemented from the first day after the surgery. Patients should walk every day and gradually extend the time and pace of this activity. After 1-2 weeks, they may implement simple exercises or engage themselves in some other activities, e.g. yoga or swimming. A month after the procedure, patients may start strength training and combine it with cardio.

Pose weight loss surgery results

Apple with meter tape

Results after POSE surgery are achieved relatively quickly, the patient can lose up to 35-60% of their weight within a year

Pose weight loss surgery results are achieved relatively quickly. Generally, pose entails the participation in a 12-month plan during which patients follow an individual diet and exercise regularly. It is enough time to achieve the final weight effects, significantly improve health conditions, and get fit. On average, patients are able to lose about 35-60% of their weight within a year, so it is very much assumed that it is an endoscopic, minimally invasive, and uncomplicated procedure. After achieving the desired weight, patients should still pay attention to the amount of food consumed to maintain their weight. A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and physical activity should be followed for the rest of the patients’ lives, only then does the pose procedure make sense.

POSE procedure side effects

Pose procedure side effects may appear, but it is normal for any medical treatment or procedure. Firstly, we need to note that pose involves the minimum risk and complications when compared to other weight-loss surgeries. The endoscopic character of the procedure makes it minimally invasive, and it is its great advantage.

The side effects that patients may experience involve:

  • sore throat
  • nausea
  • pain in the stomach

Since pose procedure is relatively new, the long-term side effects or possible complications are still investigated. However, patients who have had a pose procedure by now are successful with the results and do not report any problems that may result from the surgery.

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POSE weight loss surgery cost

Anonymous person showing money wearing latex gloves

POSE is still classed as an experimental procedure and it is hard to find a surgeon who is trained to do it, but the cost is around 6000 GBP

Pose weight loss surgery price varies among the clinics. It is the procedure performed only in selected private hospitals, and this “exclusiveness” also increases the cost of pose surgery. The surgeons who perform it need to gain specific qualifications, expertise, and certificate. Patients looking for a pose should remember that it is not a very common procedure and each place that offers it needs to be verified. The average cost of pose weight loss surgery uk is 6000 GBP, which is much lower than for a standard bariatric surgery (e.g. gastric sleeve or bypass), but higher than other non-surgical bariatric procedures (e.g. gastric balloon). Pose surgery cost UK is relatively high assuming that it is an endoscopic procedure, however, it is for sure worth the price and having in mind the good health, satisfying figure, and improved life, it is for sure worth considering.

POSE weight loss surgery NHS

Primary obesity surgery endolumenal NHS is not available. NHS refunds only the standard weight-loss surgeries such as gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and intra-gastric balloon. So, people looking for pose surgery UK should look for only private clinics.

POSE surgery abroad

weight loss surgery sign

Due to the high costs in home countries more and more patients decide on the weight loss surgery abroad. The most popular countries are Poland and Turkey

Due to the relatively high cost, pose surgery may be out of the price range for many people. The disappointing factor is also that this procedure is not available on the NHS yet. However, more and more people decide to have weight loss surgery abroad, where the costs are significantly lower. The most popular destinations for bariatric surgery abroad are weight loss surgery Turkey and weight loss surgery Poland. These two countries offer bariatric surgery overseas prices that are even 2-3 times cheaper than the surgery in the USA or the UK, so even adding the costs of travel and accommodation, it is still highly profitable for patients. What’s also important, patients can get secured for their medical trip, which makes their travel and stay abroad much safer. Clinic Hunter & AXA Partners have created a health shield for medical procedures abroad dedicated solely to medical tourists.

Weight loss surgery in Turkey is one of the top 3 treatments chosen by foreign patients. Such cities as Istanbul and Antalya are the most popular because of its great touristic and cultural value as well as the highly developed medical tourism. There are one of the most luxurious clinics and hotels for patients in the world as well as the newest treatment techniques and modern clinics equipment.

Weight loss surgery in Poland is popular mainly thanks to the high quality of treatment available at a low cost. The bariatric surgeons in Poland are world-class professionals who can perform even the most complex and problematic surgeries. Polish clinics follow all the EU standards for health care, which guarantees comfort for patients. Such cities as Kraków or Warsaw are visited by millions of tourists every year, so coming for the bariatric surgery is also a great chance to do some sightseeing, try Polish cuisine, and meet the Polish culture and its rich history.

Due to the fact that pose is an experimental surgery, it is not available in every country, however, it is worth looking for the clinics abroad where such a surgery is performed. The countries where patients may get cheap pose surgery at a very low price are for example the Czech Republic, India, or Mexico.


Pose is an endoscopic weight loss procedure which reduces the size of the stomach and decreases the food amount that can be held there. It is a relatively new type of bariatric treatment and has not been approved as a standard weight loss surgery yet. However, all the studies that have already been performed are very promising in achieving the desired results. On average, patients are able to lose 45% of their weight, which is a substantial weight loss for the non-surgical endoscopic procedures. Also, the studies show that pose patients do not suffer from any serious post-op complications. So, if patients look for a minimally invasive gastric surgery, pose is definitely worth considering. Done in your home country or abroad, pose procedure will change your life for the better!


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