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Check all the Rhinoplasty clinics in Mexico

283 results

(0 reviews)

Sastre Cirugía Plástica

Mexico City, Mexico

from 1021 eur

(0 reviews)

Plastic Surgery Corporation

Mexico City, Mexico

from 1021 eur

(0 reviews)

Mexico Plastic Surgery Clinic

Tijuana, Mexico

from 1021 eur

(0 reviews)


Morelos, Mexico

from 1021 eur

(0 reviews)

Global Anti Aging

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

from 1021 eur

(0 reviews)

dr. Raúl Pérez Cerezo

Colonia Juárez, Mexico

from 1021 eur

(0 reviews)

Dr. José Humberto Campillo Ortiz

Hermosillo, Mexico

from 1021 eur

(0 reviews)

Dr. Enrique Morales del Valle

Mexico City, Mexico

from 1021 eur

(0 reviews)

Doctor.Oscar Zorola

San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

from 1021 eur

(0 reviews)


Cuernavaca, Mexico

from 1021 eur

Rhinoplasty Mexico

What is rhinoplasty surgery? Rhinoplasty surgery is a formal name for nose operation. So-called nose jobs are plastic surgeries which change the size and shape of the nose, they can also change the septum so that the breathing is improved. Rhinoplasty UK is one of the most popular plastic surgeries, it is also one of the most costly ones. Nose job cost may be really high, and many people just cannot afford it, which intensifies their frustration, low self-esteem and unattractiveness. The truth is, nose is a body part which cannot be hidden under clothes, it’s always exposed, so people who are not satisfied with their nose look tend to have poorer quality of life than those whose nose look is accepted. People who cannot afford rhinoplasty in their home country have a great alternative, namely they have a chance to get very cheap nose job abroad. 

Here, we will focus on Mexico as a popular destination to get plastic surgery of the nose. Mexico rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery chosen by millions of male and female patients each year. Medical tourism Mexico has greatly developed in the recent years, many clinics have been upgraded so that they meet the international standards and are totally safe. Nations who take the most of medical tourism Mexico plastic surgery are Americans and Canadians, also there are many people travelling from South American countries. Mexico medical tourism is very popular not only thanks to the low costs – more and more foreign patients admit that plastic surgeons there are excellent specialists who guarantee the satisfying effects. In the following sections, we explain all the important aspect of medical tourism in Mexico. 

Rhinoplasty cost in Mexico

How much is rhinoplasty in Mexico? Generally, the cost of rhinoplasty in Mexico is really low, it is regarded as one of the most affordable in the world. Plastic surgery cost Mexico is competitive for many nations, e.g. people from the USA, the UK, Ireland, Germany or Sweden. What’s more, plastic surgery in Mexico prices are lower than in many countries regarding as popular medical tourism destinations, e.g. Lithuania or Hungary. However, due to its location, Mexico is not so accessible for all nations, thus the greatest group of medical tourists attracted by Mexico rhinoplasty cost are patients coming from Southern and Northern American countries. So, how much does rhinoplasty cost in Mexico exactly? The average cost of rhinoplasty Mexico is 3500 USD for full rhinoplasty. It is even 60% less than in the USA, so the price discrepancy is really huge. Even the total cost rhinoplasty Mexico including travel and stay is much lower than in the USA or Canada, so it’s really cost-effective to travel there. Of course, as in any other country, the final rhinoplasty in Mexico prices are always individual and depend on the scope of surgery, expected changes, nose anatomy and health condition of a patient. 

Why is Mexico so cheap?

Businessman with drawing question mark

Is Mexico cheap? Undoubtedly, it is. Private healthcare in hospital, clinics and medical complexes in Mexico is really affordable especially for foreign patients. It refers to all healthcare sectors, e.g. plastic surgeries, orthopaedics, dentistry or bariatrics. Having said how much is plastic surgery in Mexico, we need to say why it is so cheap. Well, the main price determinant there is the low living cost. The daily expenses, prices for services and products, employees salaries, surgeons’ fees, clinics maintenance are all low-cost when compared to other countries. What’s more, the currency exchange rate is very favourable for people using dollars, euros or pounds, so they regard Mexico plastic surgery rhinoplasty cost as even more affordable. Finally, we need to stress that the quality of surgeries in Mexico is fantastic. Of course, there are both excellent and dubious clinics, yet they can be found in all other countries as well. It’s just important to find a reliable doctor and high-standard clinic, and in fact, the low cost allows medical tourists to choose the best clinic in Mexico and the most renowned surgeon. 

Why rhinoplasty in Mexico

Why do so many people choose cheap rhinoplasty Mexico? Obviously, the medical tourism Mexico plastic surgery has gained popularity thanks to the low prices and it is the main factor influencing the decision about a surgery abroad. Yet, Mexico plastic surgery prices are not the only advantage of this country. Mexico has many assets valuable from both medical and touristic point of view.

The reasons why people choose Mexico as a medical treatment destination include:

  • patients have a chance to get rhinoplasty in the modern, world-class clinic and still save money
  • the medical care in Mexico follows all the international healthcare and safety standards
  • patients may have the surgery done by the best plastic surgeons in Mexico
  • there’s an opportunity to combine surgery with holidays – Mexico is a perfect destination for summer holidays with world-renowned holiday resorts
  • as a region, Mexico is very atractive for tourists – it’s unique traditions, rich history and deeply-rooted culture make it one-of-a-kind place
  • Mexico is an accessible country, there are international airports having connections with most continents, what’s also interesting, Americans often travel to Mexico by car
  • there’s a possibility to get full all inclusine package for rhinoplasty – it includes surgery and hospitalization, stay in a hotel and all the local transfers, so patients feel as if they book holidays.

Different types of rhinoplasty in Mexico

girl with glassesThere are different types of rhinoplasty procedures available in Mexico. In fact, Mexico is a country where people can find plastic surgeons specialising in all available nose surgeries, e.g. patients looking for male nose job or ethnic nose rhinoplasty in Tijuana Mexico may find top specialists. The main types of rhinoplasty surgery are classified according to the technique used. Patients may get open rhinoplasty, close rhinoplasty and tip plasty. What’s more, there is also another classification of types of nose jobs based on the problem, nose anatomy and desired goals. So, here the following types of rhinoplasty procedures are included:

  • reduction rhinoplasty (the nose size is reduced, it’s shape may also be changed here)
  • augmentation rhinoplasty (nose proportions are restored thanks to increasing and reshaping the specific nose parts)
  • corrective rhinoplasty / revision rhinoplasty (corrects nose look after the primary rhinoplasty)
  • post-traumatic rhinoplasty (the nose look is restored after injury or trauma).

Best rhinoplasty surgeons in Mexico

Mexico offers affordable cost for medical treatments, so foreign patients may afford the best plastic surgery in Tijuana Mexico, they can afford the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Mexico City, best rhinoplasty surgeon in New Mexico, or other top Mexico rhinoplasty plastic surgeons. In fact, choosing the right surgeon is a key to surgery success and effectiveness. It is important that plastic surgery in Mexico is performed by a well educated and qualified plastic surgeon whose experience and qualifications allow for treating a particular body part. We are not in a position to determine who is the best surgeon for rhinoplasty in Mexico or where patients may find the best plastic surgery in Mexico – it is too individual and subjective aspect, yet we can guarantee that a plastic surgery Mexico may be performed by one of the best plastic surgeons in the world as there are numerous top rhinoplasty surgeons in Mexico who are accessible for medical tourists thanks to the affordable prices. What we always recommend is that patients carefully choose a plastic surgeon and do the profound research on the surgeons’ qualifications, training, and certificates – then, they can be sure about the surgery safety, and it’s successfulness.

Mexico plastic surgery packages

Handsome Caucasian Man Working on Laptop Computer while Sitting on a Sofa Couch in Stylish Cozy Living Room. Freelancer Working From Home. Browsing Internet, Using Social Networks, Having Fun.Getting a surgery in Mexico may be really stressless and effortless to foreign patients. Medical tourists are often offered special plastic surgery packages in Mexico. These packages are nothing more than regular all inclusive offers extended by plastic surgery cost. So, patients have a chance to get all inclusive plastic surgery vacation Mexico where they have everything organized by specialists. Also, an opportunity to choose a high-standard private clinic and top-class hotel at the low cost is a really tempting option. Such Mexico plastic surgery packages cost still much less than vacation packages in the USA or the UK. How may patients obtain such a Mexico plastic surgery vacation? In fact, many clinics serving international patients have this offer, they hire special coordinators who organise vacation plastic surgery Mexico in their clinic and a nearby hotel. There are also medical tourism facilitators who help patients find the best plastic surgery clinics in Mexico and the best hotels and prepare an individual offer to each interested patient. Clinic Hunter also offer a free help in finding the clinic abroad and organising the medial trip.

Is it safe to get rhinoplasty in Mexico?

The safety of a destination country is an important aspect for medical tourists. No wonder, such questions as: “is it safe to travel to Mexico right now?”, “is it safe to travel to Mexico in general?” or more specifically, “is Mexico City safe?” often come to patients minds. Well, Mexico is undoubtedly a safe place for regular tourists and medical tourists. There may still be some stereotypes and myths about internal conflicts, Mexican cartels, corruption and high crime rate, yet nowadays, Mexico is a very safe place ensuring high protection of citizens and travellers. Why is Mexico safe now? Well, the authorities have drawn valuable conclusions from the last years when the internal situation was unstable and now, with the help of international organizations and other countries, Mexico has reached the satisfying level of security and safety – so it should not pose any doubts to medical tourists. Of course, there are cases when people who went to Mexico got terrible rhinoplasty, yet it happens in all other countries, and it is just relevant that patients choose a trusted clinic and a certified plastic surgeon. Finally, all foreign patients and tourists should watch for themselves as well as their baggage and belongings as some unpleasant events or situations may happen anywhere in the world. 

Most popular destinations for rhinoplasty Mexico

There are many options of getting affordable plastic surgery in Mexico. Mexico is a big country located in North America with many cities where people may get affordable and top-quality rhinoplasty. The most popular choices of medical tourists include:

  • rhinoplasty in Tijuana Mexico
  • plastic surgery in Juárez Mexico
  • plastic surgery in Cancún Mexico
  • Mexico City plastic surgery.

Airplane heading to an islandThe choice of the city for rhinoplasty is very individual, however Tijuana and Mexico City are undoubtedly the most popular destinations for medical tourists. These are two large cities where medical tourism is flourishing – patients may find there the best plastic surgeons and top plastic surgery clinics following the highest international healthcare standards. Tijuana is a city near the US border, it is located merely 20 kilometres from Sand Diego and about 200 kilometres from Los Angeles, so many Americans can fast and easily get there by car, which makes their savings even bigger (they do not need to buy flight tickets). Tijuana is a fast-growing city and a very popular holiday resort located by the Pacific Ocean, so it’s a great option for anyone wanting to combine holidays and surgery. Mexico City – a capital city of Mexico – is an economic, industrial, and business centre of this country. It is also a heart of Latin architecture, art, culture and history. What’s important, the prices offered by the clinics there are highly competitive, and there are the best Mexican clinics and the best surgeons, so if you want to get the highest quality rhinoplasty, Mexico City is the best choice. Americans may easily get there by plane, e.g. the flight from New York or Chicago lasts about 4-5 hours only. 

Rhinoplasty Mexico reviews

Medical tourism Mexico reviews are a valuable source of information regarding a chosen clinic or surgeon. In the modern times, people can easily find the Mexico plastic surgery reviews, check whether a clinic has many instances when plastic surgery in Mexico gone wrong and whether former patients are satisfied with the given effects. Going abroad for rhinoplasty may be really stressful and in general, patients come to a chosen clinic for the first time, so checking and verifying real opinions and reviews always make the whole medical travel less stressful. 

Alternative countries for rhinoplasty abroad

WarszawaMexico is one of the most affordable, and consequently one of the most popular medical tourism destinations. There are one of best cosmetic surgeons in the world performing amazingly cheap nose job surgeries. However, Mexico is a very specific country in a way that it is not so accessible to everyone. Because of its location, it gathers mostly people from the countries in North and South America. For Asians and Europeans, it is a really exotic location and is too far to go there just for the surgery. Asians prefer rhinoplasty Turkey or Thailand, while Europeans often choose rhinoplasty Poland or Hungary. Rhinoplasty Europe may be as affordable as rhinoplasty Mexico. Medical tourists looking for cheap rhinoplasty Europe usually opt for either nose job Poland or nose job Turkey. These countries are famous for their excellent quality of healthcare, professional approach, highly competitive prices and best all-inclusive medical packages. The average price of rhinoplasty in Europe medical tourism destinations is 3000 USD. Besides, nose job Turkey price is said to be as low as in Mexico – it has really great offers of a nose jobs done by the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Europe. So, anyone who feels that Mexico is located too far from a home place can consider affordable rhinoplasty Europe which may be highly affordable as well. 


Planning a rhinoplasty surgery abroad may seem to be quite complicated and demanding, yet the truth is, it is as easy organising the nose surgery in a home country. It all boils down to finding a trust-worthy clinic offering high standard of treatment and a well-educated and experienced surgeon. Regarding the travel and stay, there are many professional agencies, facilitators and even clinics which offer organising the trip, so patients often feel as if they book all inclusive vacation where they have everything organised by professionals. So, if you are ready to undergo a rhinoplasty surgery, but find it too expensive, you should definitely consider having the surgery abroad. Clinic Hunter team is always eager to help with finding a good clinic, organising the travel and booking the surgery abroad. So, do not hesitate to contact us to get more details about a cheap rhinoplasty abroad. 

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