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(Postimaja Hambakliinik)

20/10/2019 12:21

My email exchange with the clinic staff was very nice and that was the main reason I decided to go there although it was the most expensive option I had at that moment (two other options were 70€ and 80€ for the same procedure). I wanted teeth cleaning and tea-stain removal but not whitening. They promised Airflow procedure and cleaning with ultrasonic scaler. When I arrived at the clinic 30 minutes earlier than I was scheduled, the receptionist was efficient but, here too, smiling was certainly not in the savoir fair. The doctor and nurse were free at the reception at that moment (not a chill out room available?), so after 3-4 minutes I was called in to start the procedure. I measured the time the doctor and nurse spent working on my teeth. It was overall 20 minutes. I didn\'t feel that the doctor checked carefully the condition of my teeth. Promptly after using the small mirror for a second, she started using the ultrasound and then the soda devise, one after the other. I was given a couple of breaks during the 20 minutes of open mouth. They acted as if they were in a big hurry although I was early. The doctor spoke English but choose to hardly speak to me.At the end I wasn\'t given a mirror to check the results, and I was not given advice apart from no food, tea or coffee for 2 hours, and I was sent away. For that bellow-the-bar service I paid 85€. In Helsinki where I live, I could get 1 full hour of dental cleaning for 124€, including manual scaling where needed. If you do the math you may see that Postimaja dental clinic overcharges. I am 50 years old and have been going for dental care since childhood. I have had many many teeth-cleaning experiences in my age and this was too expensive for what it was. Am I happy with the results, considering I traveled to Tallinn for a couple of errands including dental care? No! After the procedure of course there was improvement on the appearance of my teeth, but I could soon identify staining in-between my teeth that with a bit more patience could have been removed. Alas, there is so much they could do in 20 minutes. The moral of my review, is that IF I travel to Tallinn again for dental work I would chose a cheaper clinic. How worse would they be?!


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