Joanna Grącka – Mańkowska

Joanna Grącka – Mańkowska

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Joanna Grącka – Mańkowska

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Information about doctor

Languages: Polish, French

Specialization: Dentistry

Doctor Joanna Grącka – Mańkowska has been conducting research on the disinfection of root canals (with the use of laser therapy) since 2010, it culminated in a doctoral dissertation, numerous publications, and 3 intra-university research grants. Lecturer at the Department of Endodontics, Medical University of Lodz, a specialist in the field of conservative dentistry with endodontics. Member of the Polish Society of Dentistry. Certified French translator. She studied in Lyon for a year (grant l’Universite Claude Bernard Lyon I). She constantly expands her skills during numerous courses and training. A calm, reliable, competent person, and extremely patient-focused.


l'Universite Claude Bernard Lyon I


Medical University of Lodz


Membership and awards

Polish Society of Dentistry



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