Katarzyna Gorska

Katarzyna Gorska

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Katarzyna Gorska

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Languages: Polish, English

She graduated from the Medical University in Lublin. The internship took place at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. Currently working as a general dentist for children and adults. Particular interests include aesthetic dentistry and conservative dentistry with an emphasis on prevention and a holistic approach to the patient. Empathy during treatments is a priority. She completed courses and training in the field of endodontics and composite reconstruction, including: Endoakademia, Academy of Dentistry “Grab endodontics by horns I”, Densply “Occlusion in the reconstruction of lateral teeth”. She was a member of the Polish Society of Dentistry Students in 2013-2017.


Medical University in Lublin


Membership and awards

Member of Polish Society of Dentistry Students



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