Piotr Stępień

Piotr Stępień

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Piotr Stępień

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Information about doctor

Work experience: 19

Languages: English, Polish

In 2002 he graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University of Lublin with very good results.
During her studies trainee m. In. in Germany at the Goethe University in Berlin.
In 2005-2010 he worked in the Department of Oral Surgery, Warsaw Medical University Hospital im. Child Jesus on the street Lindley.
In 2010, he obtained the title of specialist in dental surgery at the Medical University of Warsaw.
In the dental office Implant-Art deals with implantology, dental surgery, prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry.


Dentistry at the Medical University of Lublin

Dentistry Department

Medical University of Warsaw

1st degree Dental Surgeon Title

Goethe University in Berlin

Trainee during studies

Membership and awards

Member of Warsaw Medical Chambers in Poland

Member of DDS



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