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What is neck lift?

What is a neck lift procedure? Neck lift (also called submental lipectomy) is a common name for platysmaplasty surgery. It is a plastic surgery which address the neck area. Very often, neck lift surgery is performed as a part of rhytidectomy (so together with full facelift or as a part of lower facelift). However, some patients wish to get cosmetic plastic surgery on the neck only. Plastic surgery neck lift allows for neck rejuvenation, skin tightening, excess skin removal, and neck contouring. This excess skin removal surgery is not only the best treatment for sagging skin, but also it is the best neck rejuvenation surgery and neck wrinkle reduction surgery.

girl looking into the mirror

Necklift is the best treatment for sagging neck skin and neck wrinkles.


Neck lift is dedicated to middle aged and elderly people who have noticed the signs of ageing, stress, gravity, heredity and environmental conditions. This procedure can dramatically change the look of the neck and face and make them much more youthful and smooth. In general, most people choose to do neck lift in combination with facelift or eyelids surgery, however in this article we would like to focus on neck lift procedure as an individual plastic surgery.

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Neck lift reasons

There are a few main reasons why people decide to have neck lift procedure. If you reach the point in your lift that you wonder how to tighten skin, especially how to tighten skin on neck and how to look younger / how to look younger than your age, it means that you may need neck lift. The detailed problems that may be addressed by neck lift include: jowls, turkey neck, undefined jawline, double chin, neck fat, sagging neck skin, neck folds, excess skin, and neck wrinkles. We elaborate on these difficulties below.


Saggy jowls are the common problem appearing due to ageing. It is even more problematic and visible than wrinkles. What are sagging jowls? It is nothing more than an excess skin that accumulates just below the jawline. Unfortunately, appearing of jowls is a natural process and genetically, most people tend to develop them. They appear as a result of the loss of skin elasticity and decrease in collagen production. How to get rid of jowls? There are several jowls treatment options, yet the best treatment for sagging neck and jowls is neck lift of course.

Turkey neck

Turkey wattle neck is in fact the most common reason for performing neck lift as a singular surgery. There is also a special term for this procedure – commonly known as a turkey neck lift or turkey neck surgery. Turkey neck is a concern of men and women which happens when the muscles of the neck weaken and lose elasticity. It causes the skin to become wrinkled, droopy, which resembles the neck of a turkey, hence its name. How to get rid of turkey neck? Turkey neck treatment options include both surgical and non-surgical methods, but to see what results can be achieved after a chosen procedure, we advise patients to check turkey neck treatment before & after photos. Regarding turkey neck treatment UK, the most commonly requested solution is how to get rid of turkey neck without surgery? The most effective procedure is botox for turkey neck. Yet, it is still not as effective as neck lift. Turkey neck surgery cost UK is higher than its non-surgical alternatives, but its results are long-lasting and much more spectacular, so the surgery is definitely worth considering.

Girl touching her neck

There is no better way of jawline sculpting than a neck lift.

Undefined jawline

Having a defined jawline is a sign of youth, health and fitness. It is particularly important for women who pay great attention to their jawline and e.g. correct it by make up when they struggle with a weak jawline. The questions: How to get jawline? How to define jawline? How to get a sharper jawline? are perfectly known to many middle-aged women. Well, regarding jawline, there is no better way of jawline sculpting than a neck lift. So, if it’s been years since you ask yourself a question how to get a jawline or how to improve it, maybe it’s the high time to consider the neck lift surgery and make permanent changes to the jawline.

Double chin

Double chin is other common problem that is associated with neck ageing and gravity signs. Double chin is also called submental fullness and is an additional skin fold that appears below the chin. It may develop for many reasons – the main of which are: excessive weight, hereditary factors, anatomy and gravity. The statistics of American Society for Dermatological Surgery show that almost 70% of people struggle with double chin. How to get rid of double chin? There are many options to reduce double chin. There are non-surgical double chin treatment options – such as cosmetics, massages, aesthetic procedures, as well as surgical double chin removal. How to get rid of a double chin surgically? People have a few options here. The most popular double chin removal UK procedures include neck lift, chin liposuction or facelift. There is no such surgery as double chin surgery UK, yet the mentioned procedures directly address this problem.

Neck fat

Excess fat on the neck area can also be addressed by neck lift. The thing is that neck lift can remove excess fat only in some cases, namely neck fat reduction needs to be followed by excess skin removal. Also, a patient should not have too much fat on the neck. For significant fat accumulation on the neck, neck lift would not work. Instead, a surgeon would recommend a neck fat surgery (neck liposuction) which would get rid of neck fat and then neck lift to tighten the neck skin. We would like to stress here that neck lift surgery involves some neck fat removal, so for some patients liposuction is not necessary at all, yet the final decision is up to a plastic surgeon.

Sagging neck skin and neck folds

Sagging skin is a problem that appears on the whole body over time. It is a consequence of ageing and the loss of skin elasticity caused by the deficiency of elastin and collagen. Apart from ageing, people may struggle with sagging neck skin after weight loss. How to tighten sagging skin? How to reduce sagging skin? How to get rid of neck folds? There are no better treatments for sagging neck skin than a neck lift. This sagging skin treatment provides long-lasting effects, ensure youthful look, give firm, elastic neck skin which may last even a life long when people follow a proper anti sagging skin care.

Neck wrinkles

Finally, wrinkles are a symptom mostly associated with neck lift. Neck lift can smoothen the deep neck wrinkles and significantly rejuvenate the neck area. Anyone looking for effective solutions of how to get rid of neck wrinkles should know that neck wrinkles surgery, which is neck lift is the most durable and the most effective surgery in this regard. When the main reason for the surgery is to eliminate neck wrinkles, people probably struggle also with face wrinkles, so we advise them to consider the combination of neck lift and face lift to achieve the best results.

old man wrinkled neck

Neck lift can smoothen the deep neck wrinkles and significantly rejuvenate the neck area.

What does neck lift surgery include?

Neck lift (platysmaplasty) is a surgery which can include the following:

  • removing excess skin;
  • remove excess fat (but for big fat stores, liposuction neck surgery may be necessary);
  • neck contouring;
  • removing loose skin from the neck;
  • addressing wrinkles on the neck;
  • tightening the muscles in the neck.

What is more, sometimes neck lift may be combined with some other procedures and then the scope of the addressed problems increases. The common procedures that are combined with neck lift are liposuction (especially neck liposuction and chin liposuction), facelift (full facelift as well as mini facelift) and cervicoplasty.

Benefits of neck lift surgery

A neck lift surgery has a range of benefits. Mainly these are cosmetic advantages, yet there are also many psychological changes resulting from the surgery.

The main benefits of the surgery include:

  • smoother skin – thanks to pulling the skin tight, all the wrinkles and lines are removed, which makes the neck astonishingly smooth;
  • tightened neck muscles – when the neck muscles are tightened, neck seems to be much slimmer, which gives the impression of visible weight loss, there is also no loose skin any more;
  • no excess skin – when the excessive, sagging skin is removed, the overall look of the neck is significantly improved;
  • minimal scarring – the incisions in neck lift are well hidden in the hairline and under the chin; so the scars after all are not visible;
  • young appearance – the neck lift leaves the skin youthful, rejuvenated, refreshed, so if you wish to get a younger skin on the neck, neck lift is a perfect solution;
  • relatively short recovery – most patients are able to return to their everyday duties within 1-2 weeks after the surgery;
  • improved confidence and sense of self-worth – however neck lift helps get smoother skin and allows for skin lifting, these physical changes are reflected in the mental health and people’s confidence;
  • neck lift makes changes that diet or exercises cannot make – sometimes, middle aged or elderly people follow a really healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly, yet some changes are inevitable, e.g. neck wrinkles or double chin – they also are often impossible to eliminate with natural methods, hence neck lift is a great solution.

    blondie girl wit pale neck

    Necklift surgery has a lot of cosmetic advantages and provides psychological changes to the person who has decided to undergo it.


Types of neck lift surgery

There are a few types of necklift surgery to choose from. They vary from each other depending on their technique and areas that are addressed and changed. In general, depending on the scope of the procedure, we can differentiate traditional neck lift which addresses the whole neck area and mini neck lift which addresses only a part of neck. The main types of neck lift procedures depending on the procedure type are platysmaplasty (it removes or/and alters the neck muscles) and cervicoplasty (it removes the excessive neck skin). Apart from that, a neck lift may include lateral neck lift, neck liposuction, botox or some injections or laser treatment – it all depends on a patient problem and expectations.

Traditional neck lift vs mini neck lift

A mini neck lift is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for neck lifting. It creates a more youthful, defined and contoured jawline by removing excess skin from the jowl and under-chin areas. It is much less extensive than traditional neck lift, e.g. it is not an effective neck wrinkles treatment or extensive sagging skin treatment. mini neck lift is commonly known as small incision surgery – the number of incisions and their size are much smaller than in regular surgery. Also, the risks involved, and recovery time is more reasonable because this procedure is usually done under local anesthesia. Many patients decide to do mini facelift every few years. The first surgery is typically the most demanding for both a patient and a surgeon. Next surgeries can be done when skin stretches again – the bruising and swelling after second or third mini facelift is much lesser.

Neck lift candidate

A good candidate for neck lift surgery should meet some criteria allowing for performing the surgery.

First of all, a patient should be in a good physical condition and in good health. If people suffer from any medical conditions, they should be cured firstly, or should be well-controlled by the specialist. This criterium also refers to medications that are taken – patients should inform a plastic surgeon about all the meds that are taken on a daily basis. Sometimes, they must be ceased for some time before and after the neck lift or the meds treatment needs to be finished before doing the surgery.

Secondly, candidates for neck lift should be non-smokers. If they smoke, they must stop it for some weeks before and after the surgery.

Thirdly, patients should have realistic expectations towards the procedure. Only then, can the surgery outcome be satisfying and effective. If patients are not sure what scale of effects they can expect, it is worth speaking with a plastic surgeon about it. A surgeon helps patients in setting realistic expectations based on the individual needs, problem, health condition, medial history and anatomy.

There are also some more specific criteria for neck lift qualification connected with operated area, that is neck. They include:

  • neck sagging – candidates should struggle with natural sagging of the neck skin which is mainly caused by the ageing process which happens even if people stay in good physical condition;
  • changes of face contours – neck lift can be a solution for people who have lost much weight, as a result of which the face contours and jawline has lost the shape and contours and skin on the neck is saggy;
  • having some neck conditions, e.g. turkey neck, double chin, jowls – candidates who want to get rid of these problems and make their neck look more attractive and defined are great candidates for neck lift.
smiling girl

Neck lift candidate should have realistic expectations regarding its result.

Before neck lift

In general, neck lift does not require any special preparations. However, there are a few pre oreoperative instructions that a surgeon may ask patients to follow. They usually include:

  • gather the medical history documents – patient medical history is particularly important when a person suffers some chronic diseases or have had some serious surgeries or medical conditions in the past;
  • fill in the present medical history form – it is necessary mainly for the anaesthesiologist and indicates the safety of applying general or local anaesthesia;
  • do all necessary medical / lab tests and physical exam – the list of tests is provided by the hospital / doctor; The full physical exam including blood tests should be done within the 2 weeks prior to the surgery (the results should not be older than 2 weeks);
  • quit smoking – a patient should stop smoking ideally 4 weeks before the surgery and refrain from smoking also for 4 weeks after the surgery;
  • avoid taking some blood thinning medications, the most popular one is Aspirin; also any supplements or herbs must be consulted with the doctor – some of them may also be forbidden for some weeks before and after the surgery;
  • patients will also receive the specific instructions for the surgery time and recovery – they will need to follow a specific diet before the surgery, they will get to know what to take with them to hospital and how to prepare for the first days after the procedure.

Neck lift procedure

Having said what is a neck lift procedure, what is cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty, we will describe the procedure itself. We will not focus on the types (cervicoplasty or platysmaplasty procedure), but will describe the general steps that are always followed in a neck lift procedure.

Step 1 – applying anesthesia

Just after a patient is taken to an operating room, an anaesthesiologist moves on to applying anaesthesia. In a neck lift, a plastic surgeon may recommend either general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation. General anesthesia is usually used in full neck lift, or in combination of neck lift with other procedures. Sedation is applied in mini neck lift or in treating minor neck problems, e.g. when a patient needs only small jawline definition or double chin reduction.

Step 2 – incisions and making the changes

Depending on the scale of agreed changes, a surgeon may make either traditional neck lift incisions or limited neck lift incision lines. In the first type (traditional), the surgical incision lines go from the hairline down to the ear, behind ear and ends in the low posterior hair. Such an incision allows for sculpting the fat and removing it from the jowls and neck areas. The neck tissue may be relocated, and the muscles are tightened. Finally, skin is tightened and lifted, the excessive skin is removed. Sometimes, a surgeon needs to make another incision under the chin if people need a chin fat removal. In the second type (limited), the incisions are made round the ears. These incisions are shorter, so the scope of changes is not so wide as in regular necklift, yet some patients do not need many adjustments.

Step 3 – incision closing

After a surgeon makes all the changes to the neck, the incisions are closed with sutures. Sometimes, a surgeon may also use a skin glue to help incision closure. A surgeon may use either regular stitches that need to be removed after 7 days – it can be done by a doctor or nurse in any clinic or hospital, or dissolvable stitches which are naturally absorbed by the body, so they do not need removal. The incisions are usually well hidden in the ear contours and hairline, so they are not visible.

Step 4 – results

The neck lift results are immediately visible, yet it may be difficult to nice them because of bruising and swelling. But as soon as the swelling and bruising subsides, patients can enjoy all the changes. It is also important to follow all the aftercare and recovery guidelines to prompt healing and maximize the results.


Neck lift consists of the following 4 steps whatever technic the surgeon is using.

Necklift recovery and aftercare

Neck lift recovery period and post-operative instructions are very important and should not be ignored. We realize that the surgery itself bears much stress, but patients should remember that even when the neck lift surgery is finished, it’s not over yet. There are a few weeks of neck lift recovery time now. During this time, the aftercare instructions and post-op care is particularly important for the final results and patient’s health.

Check what to expect during neck lift recovery day by day:

Day 1-7

the first days are the most difficult, painful and uncomfortable for necklift patients. Patients leave the clinic on a surgery day or a day after the surgery. They have bandage on the stitches sites. The bandages need to be changed as recommended by a doctor. When stitches are regular, they need to be removed a week after the surgery. Sometimes, patients (especially having neck lift under general anaesthesia) may need to have drains afterwards – they collect fluids and keep incisions sites clean. Getting back to normal may be quite difficult at the beginning, so patients are advised to ask for help in organising family life like cooking, groceries or care for children.

What’s particularly important in healing process and plastic surgery aftercare, patients must keep their head elevated all the time for the first days – even when sleeping. During the 1st and 2nd day after the surgery, patients experience much bruising, neck swelling, swelling in the face and ear areas, and redness. There may be also acute pain at the beginning. Patients are prescribed or recommended some pain killers that should help. From day 3-4, all the post-op conditions will alleviate gradually. On day 7, most patients start to have a positive attitude towards a smooth recovery.

Week 1-2

patients feel much better than in the first week. They are able to do more normal activities as they are not limited by the pain or bandages. Patients should still get rest as much as possible and avoid stress. At this stage, the neck lift recovery swelling should be minimal. Regarding the lifestyle, we recommend following a healthy post-operative diet rich in macro and micro elements so that the body can get nutrition to heal itself promptly and walk around as much as possible – of course without extending yourself.

Week 2-3

it is the last post-surgical stage of the recovery. Tightness, swelling, bruising and numbness should disappear completely at that time. Most patients are able to get back to work and forget that they had the surgery. They can also enjoy the amazing change in the neck look and the significant improvement in the appearance. Unfortunately, it is not the right time to implement regular exercises or trainings yet.

Check the neck lift recovery tips:

  • manage the pain with medications (pain is normal and should be controlled);
  • ask for help especially in the first week after the surgery – you may need help in moving, changing clothes, or eating – it is normal;
  • sleep with an elevated head;
  • wear post-op garments as instructed;
  • listen to your body and remember that everyone has their own pace of recovery;
  • do not take up exercising on your own;
  • remember that the final effects will come over months;
  • use sunscreen on face and neck any time you go out;
  • speak with your doctor any time you notice worrying symptoms.
self care isn't selfish

Neck lift aftercare instructions and post-op care is particularly important for the final results and patient’s health.

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Neck lift cost

How much does a neck lift cost? It is an important question for people especially that neck lift is not funded by the NHS, so it must be fully paid for.

Well, how much is a neck lift UK? The cost of full necklift UK starts from 5100 GBP. The average price of neck lift UK is 5500 GBP. Yet, the truth is that neck lift cost UK may vary greatly. e.g neck lift cost London can reach even 6000 GBP. Also, in case of mini neck lift cost UK, the price is lower than in standard neck lift. Mini neck lift cost is about 20% lower than in regular neck lift.


Neck lift is not funded by the NHS, so it must be fully paid for.

Cosmetic surgery neck lift cost UK depends on a few factors, they include:

  • location: the more affluent region, city, or country, the higher cost of living, rent, bills, etc. – it naturally makes neck lift procedure cost higher than in regions where the costs of living are lower;
  • a plastic surgeon – the best neck lift surgeon UK would charge much more than a young inexperienced surgeon – it is the extreme example, yet this is the rule – when a plastic surgeon develops his career, builds reputation, and gains experience, the price for his/her services go up, and it is totally normal, so it is up to a patient whether to choose a lower platysmaplasty cost UK and “worse” surgeon or higher cost and “better” surgeon;
  • neck lift surgery fees – the price may or may not involve some additional services. Finally, patients always need to bear these costs, so it’s good to check whether they are already included. These costs may include: the cost of operating room and hospital post-op room, local or general anaesthesia cost, medications, compression garments;
  • scope of the surgery – sometimes, people need only minor improvements or non-regular changes, so they may be quoted individually for the procedure – e.g. when patients need a neck fat removal UK, they may need only neck liposuction, when they have only too much skin, they may get only excess skin removal cost UK, or they need just mini neck lift procedure or only submental lipectomy cost – it is very individual and depends on a patient.

Neck lift abroad

Neck lift is not possible within the NHS, so it is outside the price range for many British. The cost of necklift in the UK is quite high and most people just cannot afford it, or even if they can, necklift is not something worth spending your last money on. Well, there is however a great solution allowing people saving money and getting neck lift. Namely, it is getting plastic surgery abroad. There are countries which focus on medical tourism sector – they offer very high standard of healthcare in private clinics and really affordable prices. As for Europe, the lowest plastic surgery abroad prices are offered in Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Hungary. All these countries have special plastic surgery abroad packages, they are experienced in treating international patients and are happy to welcome more and more medical tourists. Such a surgery abroad allows patients to save money, get a high-standard care, choose the best surgeon in a given country (thanks to the much lower costs), and visit new places. What’s also important, patients can get secured for their medical trip, which makes their travel and stay abroad much safer. Clinic Hunter & AXA Partners have created the best insurance for cosmetic surgery abroad dedicated solely to medical tourists.

Below, we shortly elaborate on 2 most popular destinations among European medical tourists, which are Poland and Turkey.

Warsaw Syrene

Poland is said to offer the best plastic surgeons in Europe.

Neck lift Poland

Neck lift in Poland is often chosen by patients from Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, and Scandinavian countries. The average cost on necklift in Poland is 2200 GBP, which is more than 2 times cheaper than in the UK. It allows for huge savings. The flights between the UK and Poland are also very affordable, starting from 20 GBP, so after adding the travel expenses, the overall cost is much lower in Poland than in the UK. For necklift, patients should come for roughly 5 days – it is enough to get all the tests, surgery, take necessary rest and do some sightseeing too.

From touristic point of view, we always recommend that people plan their stay in such a way that they have some time to go and see something around. Each Polish city is unique, each is located in a unique region – by the sea, in the mountains, in the lake district, Silesia, beautiful heights – the diversity of Poland is amazing and astonishing. Getting back to neck lift, Poland is said to offer the best plastic surgeons in Europe, so people coming from the UK can choose the best specialists in Poland and still pay two times less than in their country. The standard in private clinics serving international patients follows the highest directives and guidelines, these are really modern, well-equipped places paying attention to an individual.


The main advantage of Turkey is undoubtedly neck lift price.

Neck lift Turkey

Neck lift Turkey is the second very popular destination for medical tourists. The main advantage of this country is undoubtedly neck lift Turkey price. It is even cheaper than in Poland – the cost may be as low as 1900 GBP. What is also characteristic of Turkey, the price for the surgery includes the all inclusive package with the accommodation in a hotel, airport transfers and local taxi. Turkey is a leader when it comes to the price and no country in Europe can beat it now – but the quality is good. Turkey has great hospitals, medical centres and complexes dedicated to international patients. It’s standard has reached the satisfying level already, so there’s nothing to worry about. The low price stems from the simple fact – Turkish government strongly supports medical tourism and private hospitals get huge donations for developing this branch, hence they may reduce the costs.

What’s more, Turkey may be a great option for combining neck lift with short summer holidays. Turkey is a perfect destination for going on holiday by the Sea, to a unique country rich in tradition, so why not doing two things at the same time?

Neck lift reviews

Before choosing the clinic, whether in a home country or abroad, we advise that patients read neck lift reviews. Also, we advise reading non surgical, e.g. nefertiti neck lift reviews UK, as its effectivity may be doubtful in some cases. Sometimes, when the reviews are negative, or they raise doubts about the clinic, it is worth taking a second thought and reconsider the place. Maybe it is better to look for some more reliable clinic which is 100% trustworthy.

Neck lift before and after

Neck lift before and after UK photos should be analysed to see the results that can be achieved. Clinics should share the neck lift pictures to their patients so that they can check the effects and scale of changes achieved by the surgeon. Neck lift before and after pictures are also important in estimating the skills of the surgeon – when we check the plastic surgery neck lift pictures of a chosen doctor, we can see whether we can be potentially satisfied with his/her work. So, we advise patients to ask for neck lift pictures before and after.


Neck lift is a cosmetic surgery which addresses the neck area – it tightens the skin, removes the fat, smoothens the wrinkles, defines jawline, get rid of jowls, double chin or turkey neck. It is usually done together with a full or mini facelift, yet it can also be a single procedure.

Neck lift in the UK costs over 5000 GBP, which is expensive, so we recommend that people consider getting the surgery abroad, especially in Poland and Turkey. These countries offer much lower cost for the surgery, full all inclusive packages, top-quality service and great specialists.

Clinic Hunter can help you organise the surgery abroad, just contact us to get more details. We will take care of all the logistics and will do our best to find the best clinic and most affordable prices for you. Just contact us for more information.


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