Most Proactive Clinics on the Polish Medical Tourism Market

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Poland – A Medical Tourism Destination?


Till recently unreported, Poland’s ‘golden age’ becomes more and more observable and appreciated by the international society and tourists flooding polish airports, cities, mountains and also medical facilities. In a quite surprising short span of time, from 2015 till now, Poland has become a recognizable tourist and recreation destination. The number of tourists visiting Poland shot up in 2017, with an increase of 9.6% in two years to 18.3 million. The Polish booming economy quickly rose from 30th place to 22nd this year and has become the 7th largest economy in the EU with a total GDP of €524 billion. It is still on the rise consequently changing the country and its market, making it easier for foreigners to come, sightsee and participate in this positive change of atmosphere in the country, especially that it’s a very English-friendly environment classified as number 13th of 88 countries worldwide and number 11th in Europe according to EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) – the world’s largest ranking of countries by adult English skills – with a high proficiency EF EPI score of 62,45 (average 10th position in the last decade). This means that you have over 60% chance of talking to someone in the English language when looking for guidance or information on the streets of Polish cities.

The country’s greater than the average in EU domestic consumer market, covering of 61% of national GDP, as well as the over 5,3% real wage increase over the last year alone, Family 500+ – an important government programme introduced in 2016 – have added about 2 to 3% to disposable income per year. Additionally, the fact of leaving young people under 26 untaxed, rise in pensions, and a general tax cut by 1%, which is currently being introduced by the government driving the growth of wages and GDP, is as we speak in effect producing wealth and diminishing poverty in Poland. This, in turn, means a bigger demand for higher quality services and products in the country, which is fortunate for all the prospective foreign tourists that look for services outside their own countries, but still are afraid of possible unmet standards or unskilled specialists. Recent statistics of inbound movement of regular and medical tourists seem to support this sudden ‘golden age’ of Poland, since 15,8 million – and rising – tourists come to Poland annually. Why is it so? Poland now becomes more and more well-known destination for the perfect holiday owing to its beauty in terms of medieval architecture, nature – which is overabundant and still mostly well-preserved and clean – good air condition, long history, strong cultural bonds to the land and traditions and unique regional cuisine. However, Polish Tourism Agency explains such an increase in influx and interest by safety reasons. It seems that more and more Europeans and Americans agree with PTA’s explanation that: “Poland is an open, friendly, hospitable and safe country. The last aspect is now particularly significant for tourists, regardless of their place of origin.” Most of the tourists come from Germany, Ukraine, Russia and Great Britain. Nationalities that are on the rise in arrivals to Poland are Chinese (54.5%), Israeli (49.7%) and South Korean (18.2%) – less dynamically inclined to come to Poland but still on rise are Indian, Russian and Australian tourists. Other factors encouraging tourists to decide on Poland as a place of treatment destination are the local prices and access to new technologies in the country, which ensure a high standard of services offered by Polish clinics. Joanna Szyman from the Upper Finance consulting company estimates that cities that combine several features have the greatest chance to benefit from these trends: they have a base of high-class medical facilities, provide convenient communication, above all by air, and offer unique tourist attractions.”

KrakowFor years now Poland was known as a strong high education centre in Europe ranked by the study of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED) as the 5th in Europe and 11th in the world for its educational system with well-educated graduates, often continuing their careers or PhD studies abroad at academic centres in UK and USA, and most of Polish youth having university diplomas. The fact that so many patients from abroad decide on treatments in Poland seems to prove the educational and practical credentials of Polish medical specialists. Few years ago Poland was ranked the 5th European medical tourism destination on the Medical Tourism Index provided for 2016-2017 International Healthcare Research Center (IHRC), however the tendency is still on rise along with the number of incoming medical tourists. According to consulting companies and press media the Polish medical travel market may be worth even 100 mln USD currently.

So how many medical tourist come to Poland? Bare numbers

Medical tourism market in Poland is analysed by various institutions and agencies that refer to different methods of estimation, thus obtaining precise data on medical tourism in Poland is complicated. First press mentions of numbers of foreign patients visiting Poland in 2009-2010 based on undocumented sources cited numbers oscillating between 800,000 and even 1 million of such tourists. However, we know the factual data about people coming for health purposes to and using spa facilities in Poland. The Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) claims 386,000 tourists have visited our country in 2015 with or without a declared health-related goal. The data from 2017 shows that Poland in 2016 accepted about 466 thousands of foreigners, which is an increase of as much as 22% compared to the previous year, however, this data can be very confusing at first glance: the undeclared non-residents visiting Poland for one day should be distinguished from these numbers. Additionally, those undergoing medical and cosmetic procedures in Polish clinics should be treated as a different category of tourists from those using wellness and spa services available in Poland. Thus, according to the CSO statistics, the total number of people that have visited Poland for treatment in 2015 was 93,000, in the corresponding study in 2016 it was already 155,000, in 2017 the number increased to 172,000, while in the following 2018 year about 244,000 non-residents arrived for health purposes. As you can see, these studies do not take into account SPA patients, one-day patients or uninsured Poles coming back to Poland looking for treatment in our clinics and hospitals. Nevertheless, this number is noticeably increasing systematically confirming the attractiveness of Polish medical base and Polish medical and recreation offer. If you add the one-day medical tourists to it, you will receive about 400,000 patients from abroad in the last year. With an average number of 15.8 million tourists visiting Poland, less than half a million can be included in the category of health tourists, however, this upward trend and the numbers themselves are still impressive and testify to the great trust of potential customers in the quality of services offered in Poland.

According to the International Society of Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), breast augmentation, liposuction, breast lifting, abdominoplasty and eyelid surgery were the most often demanded plastic surgeries internationally in 2018. On the other hand, foreign patients are most interested in Polish dental services, because dental patients constitute the most numerous group of medical tourists coming to Poland. Collected data and expert interviews allowed the Institute of Research and Development of Medical Tourism to estimate that in 2016 Poland was visited by 75,000 dental patients. No wonder, dentistal services market in Poland is estimated at PLN 9.6 billion with a perspective of 12.5 billion in 2020, which means that the demand for dental services in Poland is growing, and small dental clinics are consolidating under strong brands similarly to those in Western Europe in order to  marketing and provide the highest quality services to their clients. The main factors affecting such a large number of foreign dental patients are the clinics’ attractive prices and their experience in providing services to foreign patients, as well as the need for private financing of some dental procedures in Western European countries. The second group of foreign guests that was the largest in 2016 were the plastic surgery patients, of whom as many as 22,000 came to Poland in 2016. Already in 2015-2016 the aesthetic medicine market recorded a 10-12% increase, and is currently estimated at 200 million and is still growing.

reasons for medical travel graph


would you undergo your treatment abroad graph

The medical tourism market comprises of three main areas:

  • medical, where dentistry and plastic surgery lead the way
  • health spa
  • Spa & wellness


The greatest popularity in recent years among medical tourists has enjoyed health resort and spa sector and the least medical sector. However at present, we can observe a reverse in this tendency: medical area, especially the field of dentistry and plastic surgery, develops faster and is becoming a fundamental part of medical tourism in Poland. This is confirmed by the president of the Polish Association of Medical Tourism, Artur Gosk, who claims that the medical area is recording double-digit growth on the medical tourism market every year and is already playing a significant role in it. In 2015 alone, the medical tourism market in Poland reached almost 1.5 billion PLN worth. The vast majority of patients come from Great Britain, Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark) and Germany. Their main incentive to travel is the price, which in those countries can cost up to 50% more than in Poland for the same high-quality treatment.

According to the data, medical tourism in Poland is becoming a highly developed sector of services and from year to year the interest in Polish clinics grows. The most often visited Polish cities are Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław and Gdańsk. This is primarily due to a very well-developed network of air connections, high reputation of clinics and tourist attractions at these locations. Clinic Hunter has created a map of medical tourism in Poland by selecting clinics active in the industry according to set criteria.

Few words about the methodology

Ultimately we decided to present the most active clinics on the medical tourism market in Poland. Clinics of course, usually do not provide official data on how many patients from abroad they serve yearly, and it is unknown for certain what percentage of revenue is the result of treatment of foreign guests. We decided to show the most active, and therefore the ones that strive the most to target prospective foreign clients.

Methodology of selection – How did we pick the most active clinics? Those included in our list have been selected based on:

  • Clinic Hunter’s data and expert knowledge – working for several years on the market, we know what clinics are most actively acquiring foreign patients. These are both patients who are acquired through Clinic Hunter channels as well as other marketing channels – directly through clinics. Our list also includes clinics with which we do not cooperate directly.
  • verification of clinics on the websites of other suppliers – we verified the clinics that apply for patients on other websites that are dedicated to medical tourism (WhatClinic, Medigo, Qunomedical).

We focused on several medical specialties: dentistry, plastic surgery, bariatrics, orthopedics, and hair transplants. We know that there are clinics in Poland that actively recruit patients with medical conditions from other specializations, for example, infertility, gynecology or neurosurgery, but due to the fact that Clinic Hunter does not actively provide services in these specializations, we decided to omit such clinics in our ranking.

Factors such as the size of the clinic or the country of origin of the patients were not taken into account.

Below are the standing out on the medical tourism market in Poland clinics which, in our and our patients’ opinion, deserve special recognition. The clinics’ list is organized according to the city key:

Clinics in Gdańsk

This is a leading direction among Scandinavians, but also gaining popularity in countries such as Germany and Great Britain.

Project Smile Dental Center

Project Smlie LogoAccording to GCR, Global Clinic Rating – an independent international organization listing clinics based on their standards – Projekt Smile ranks 3rd in Poland among other 2000 best-rated dental clinics in the world. The level of treatment services and their quality is at the highest world-level what confirms GCR’s accreditation. The clinic operates on foreign markets under the brand Project Smile and in Poland is known as Projekt Uśmiech. 11 highly-skilled and educated dentists work at the clinic, providing effective professional treatment to patients in every field of dentistry. Project Smile receptionProject Smile is located at the center of Gdańsk, Wrzeszcz, from where it provides comprehensive services for foreign patients. The clinic is equipped with the latest medical equipment: dental microscopes, advanced electronic devices for endodontic procedures, a digital X-ray lab, intraoral cameras, or a dental laser. The clinic focuses on innovative technology using Digital Smile Design in treatment, implants of the best world-class brands, including AlphaBio and Straumann. It cooperates with the best technicians from the Tri-City and the surrounding area. To date, the clinic has received over 9,000 patients, including 2,000 from abroad, and its specialists have performed thousands of treatments. The clinic’s experts are systematically broadening their qualifications by participating in numerous courses, scientific symposia, and national and international training.

Dentineo Dental Clinic

Dentineo is a foreign patient-oriented clinic run by dr Adam Bielawski – an implantologist. Dentineo Clinic offers comprehensive dental treatment: from conservative treatment to occlusion analysis, fiberglass inserts, endodontic treatment, abnormal bite treatment, digital smile design. The treatment is conducted by a team of high-class specialists with the experience of installing hundreds of implants, based on the latest technological solutions, apparatus and leading dental materials.
The clinic’s offer includes implants, All on 4 / All on 6, aesthetic dentistry, digital smile design, por
celain veneers, porcelain crowns, root canal treatment under a microscope, occlusion treatment, professional hygiene Dentineo Dental Clinicprocedures, whitening UV lamp. Dr. Adam Bielawski graduated from Medical University of Gdańsk and is very passionate about his profession. He belongs to many dental societies, among others: the Polish Implantological Association, the Polish Endodontic Society, the Polish Periodontological Society, Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Orale Implantologie and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr Bielawski believes that dental treatment is not solely an act of filling a hole in a tooth. The condition of one’s oral cavity is telling of the whole organism, thus he strives hard to treat it permanently allowing the patient to enjoy his following short checkup visits.

Clinics in Warsaw

As the capital of Poland, it’s a frequently considered medical tourism destination in the country. Warsaw has 2 international airports and many clinics and offers a range of attractions during a stay. On the other hand, prices in clinics are relatively high. This is due to the high domestic demand for treatments and the high standard of living in the city.

The LUX MED Group

A group of private clinics and hospitals with 200 branches and 1,600 partner health centers offering private medical services in Poland. It was founded in 2007 by medical entities CM LIM, LUX MED, Medycyna Rodzinna, PROMEDIS. The group’s motto is: “Few traditions – one common goal”. LUX MED belongs to BUPA – the British international association of facilities offering BUPA healthcare services, currently, it services 32 million patients around the world, also in Poland. The group employs around 6,300 doctors of all possible specializations, who treat approximately 2 million patients in Poland from various ailments and diseases. The group offers comprehensive care and treatment to patients, from diagnostics to hospital treatment and rehabilitation. The Group serves individual clients as well as companies, the range of medical services includes comprehensive specialist tests using the latest diagnostic equipment available, treatment in all medical specialities, as well as plastic surgery, obesity treatment, varicose vein treatment, laser surgery at the LUX MED Puławska Hospital; orthopaedics, traumatology, spine diseases, rehabilitation at the Carolina Medical Center (since 2013 it has belonged to the Group); treatment of cancer at the Megadent Cancer Treatment Center in Warsaw; and since this year he also deals with dental medicine. Lux Med reception The market of dental services in Poland is estimated at PLN 9.6 billion with a perspective of 12.5 billion for 2020, which means that the demand for dental services in Poland is growing, and small dental offices are consolidating similarly to offices in Western Europe under well-known brands by Don’t worry about marketing and provide the highest quality services to your clients. To meet these western trends, LUX MED opened three highly specialized LUX MED Dentistry centers in Krakow and Warsaw this year. The Group is a laureate of many awards, primarily “Quality of Service 2019” and previous years (2008, 2009, 2011-2018), “Trusted Brand 2016”, “Fair Play Enterprise” and “Reliable Employer 2017”.


Implant Art Dental Clinic

Implant Art Warsaw LogoImplant Art is a clinic specialized in implantology. The owner of the clinic, dr Piotr Stępień is a specialist in dental surgery and implantology, he has 16 years of experience in implantology. All of the specialists working at the clinic were educated in Poland and abroad and consists of specialized in dentistry doctors. Dr Stępień completed many prestigious courses and research programs in Germany, the US and Israel and is one of the best implantologists in Poland. The mission of the clinic is a beautiful smile from our satisfied patients. The clinic is distinguished by a holistic approach to the patient. Many years of practice in implantology provides a wide range of options and reconstruction using implants. Implant Art offers to install single implants, aesthetic bridges on implants and aesthetic reconstruction of the entire dentition all on 4 and all on 6 supported on implants.Implant Art Warsaw Pulawska The clinic treats patients from the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, and even the USA. The offer also includes dental and prosthetic surgery, aesthetic dentistry including veneers and microscopic, periodontological and orthodontic treatment.  The clinic offers work with various implantological systems, e.g. Astra, Ankylos, Straumann, Nobel Biocare as well as MIS C1 and MIS Narrow, ICX – it is also possible to order other brands of implants. In the field of oral surgery, Implant Art deals with raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus, cleft of the alveolar ridge, bone blocks, controlled bone reconstruction, navigational implantation in the field of surgical templates and chiselling of retained teeth. As part of aesthetic prosthetics, porcelain, all-ceramic e-max, zirconium, and even gold crowns veneers are installed.

Carolina Medical Center

Carolina Medical Center Luxmed group logo

Founded in 1998 is an orthopaedics, traumatology, and sports medicine clinic in Warsaw. The Carolina Medical Center is a popular institution not only in Poland and Western Europe, but also in countries beyond the eastern border of Poland: foreign patients account for about 15% of hospital patients, and their number increases every year. The clinic cooperates with many insurance companies on a non-cash basis and 39% of patients coming from abroad use such a solution. Carolina Medical Center provides medical services based on the highest world standards and has a specialized orthopaedic imaging diagnostics center, which includes magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography, ultrasound and two x-ray devices. In addition, patients have at their disposal a functional diagnostics laboratory, in which biomechanical tests are performed, enabling the detection of musculoskeletal dysfunction and monitoring of training progress. Carolina Medical Center’s mission is to provide the highest quality services using innovative treatment methods. This modern center employs over 40 doctors from various fields of orthopedics and urology, specializing in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery and prostate cancer treatment. The offer of orthopedic procedures includes stabilization Carolina Medical Center operating roomof the spine, an extension of limbs, tenoscopy, prostheses of all joints (including hip, knee and shoulder joints), reconstruction of ligaments, tendons and muscles, meniscus transplants and other surgical procedures. Patients from across our eastern border are increasingly appearing at the Carolina Medical Center, seeking advanced treatment methods. Hospital staff are fluent in foreign languages, in addition, doctors have been on abroad internships and belong to international associations of specialists in their fields. The clinic boasts an operating block that uses the latest technological solutions, all for the safety of the patient. The operating rooms have a special laminar airflow allowing to create appropriate hygiene conditions, which means that the risk of infection is minimal.


Liposuction Center at the NZOZ Kriocentrum

Founded by dr Kłos and dr Batijewski, plastic surgeons who are pioneers and authorities in this field. Over the past dozen or so years, the development of technology has created new liposuction techniques. The clinic is equipped with devices that allow you to perform any type of liposuction. The clinic has been operating since 1996 and deals with general surgery, phlebology, proctology, orthopedics, aesthetic gynecology, aesthetic medicine, and cosmetology. The clinic has managed to create a unique center not only for Poland but on a global scale, in which it offers basically the full Kriocentrum receptionrange of available liposuction techniques. Annually, the Liposuction Center performs over 800 liposuction procedures, additionally about 100 fat transplantation procedures and about 100 stem cell acquisition procedures, which makes the Liposuction Center one of the most dynamically operating body-modeling centers whose patient records have grown in recent years up to over 16,000 domestic and foreign patients. The activity has been expanded to include specialists in gynecology and aesthetic gynecology. The clinic opened an independent treatment part, with a post-treatment room in which patients can stay after the procedures at the new Kriocentrum located in the building in Józefów. New spacious offices have been adapted to specific therapeutic activities, e.g. phenological, proctological or surgical outpatient clinics. The new clinic will be full of services provided for years, i.e. broadly defined Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine and Cosmetology.

Horizon Medical Center

horizon medical center logo

Horizon Medical Center is located in the center of Warsaw’s Mokotów district. It has been offering medical services of the highest standard for 6 years now, ensuring above all safety and patient satisfaction. The clinic offers a full spectrum of plastic surgery (face, breast and body correction), orthopedics (correction of the hallux, arthroscopy, endoprosthesis), phlebology (treatment of varicose veins), aesthetic gynecology (vagina and labioplasty) and aesthetic medicine (platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy, threads PDO).Horizon Medical Center Reception The right method of treatment is individually selected for each patient, ensuring absolute discretion and professionalism. The Horizon Medical Center cooperates only with highly qualified specialists of various fields of medicine, graduates of international training and members of scientific societies. Patients have at their disposal a comfortably equipped facility with a modern operating block and postoperative care. An additional, unique advantage of our Clinic is the certificate of the Minister of Health and Poltransplant (National Center for Transplantation and Coordination) for performing regenerative medicine procedures using stem cells obtained from the patient’s fat tissue. Stem cell therapy is successfully used in the treatment of orthopedic diseases, e.g. regeneration of joints or cartilage.

Clinics in Wrocław

A city where dentistry and plastic surgery are equally developed, which, combined with an international airport and relatively low prices, makes it one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in Poland. One of the most beautiful Polish cities.

Dens Dental Center

Dens dental center Wroclaw logo

At the DENS Specialist Dental Center in Wrocław implantation procedures have been performed for 15 years and almost two thousand implants have been implanted here. Dental implants are the most modern and most comfortable solution that contemporary dentistry offers to patients with missing teeth. From year to year, the number of people who despite large teeth deficiencies can enjoy a beautiful smile is growing. Implants are an investment in yourself – your well-being and health, and thus the comfort of life. The experience and knowledge of our specialists, as well as cooperation with the best laboratories, guarantee the durability of the work performed. Dental implants, i.e. artificial tooth roots, are most often made of titanium, which is a metal tolerated by the human body and undergoes a quick integration process – permanent fusion with the bone. It does not cause allergic reactions and discomfort. We also use ceramic – zirconium implants. Dens Dental Clinic WroclawZirconia from which the artificial root is made is fully biocompatible, i.e. ideal for the human body. Zirconium imitates the natural bone to the highest degree and is very resistant to mechanical damage. The implantation procedure is preceded by a thorough diagnosis of the patient’s health and oral health, based on computed tomography. The three-dimensional image of the jaw and jawbones represents the density, height, and width of the bones, guaranteeing precise planning and implantation. Center has the most modern apparatus for digital x-ray diagnostics – Vatech iPax 3D Green, which minimizes the dose and time of radiation. Implants supplement individual missing teeth. In the case of extensive deficiencies and edentulous, sometimes two to four implants are enough to rebuild all missing lower or upper teeth. Treatments are completely painless. Another way to replace missing teeth is autotransplantation, i.e. the displacement of the tooth or its bundle to another place of the dental arch.

Dental and Implantological Clinic Limed

Dental and Implantological Clinic Limed logo

A clinic founded in 1987 in Wroclaw, focusing and caring for the preservation of patient’s natural teeth, removing them only in exceptional circumstances. The office is equipped with the most modern therapeutic and diagnostic medical apparatuses, and the specialists working in it have many years of experience. Limed Wroclaw ReceptionA team of specialists is the strongest point of the clinic. The main operating doctor is Dr. Chrobak, a graduate of the W. Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, where he obtained the title of Master of Science in Oral Implantology, an expert in diplomate implantology (ICOI, DGOI, PSI). An accredited implantologist of several international implantology organizations, and a lecturer in implantology in the country and abroad. Limed offers a wide range of dental services in the field of orthodontics, implantology, orthodontic and endodontic surgery, microscopic endodontics, aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics: mobile devices, permanent devices, orthodontic microimplants, retention devices, teeth whitening, prosthetics, ceramic veneers, dental crowns and bridges, also on the alloy of gold, base metals, titanium.


Medical Center Coramed


A clinic offering plastic general and vascular surgery, gynecology, dermatology, aesthetic dermatology, cosmetology, aesthetic medicine and regenerative medicine in orthopedics. The clinic’s offer is addressed to foreign patients, the medical clinic has been dealing with foreign patients since 2010, and offers services to all patients since 2013. It’s located 12 km from the airport of Nicolaus Copernicus in Wroclaw. According to the authors, the name Coramed means: COR (heart) and MED (medicine) and is an interpretation of the basic principle of Coramed that patients deserve more than professional service, but also understanding and support. At Coramed, doctors always devote as much time to the patient as is necessary to know their needs and problems. The clinic specializes in plastic and cosmetic surgery and provides support to patients throughout the entire process. The clinic provides consultations via Skype, pickup and drops off from the airport and hotel, WiFi, TVs in patient rooms and assistance with hotel reservations.Coramed reception Coramed can also give discounts when signing up for multiple treatments. Their purpose is not only to prevent and counteract the effects of aging, but also to correct aesthetic defects of the body resulting from diseases, accidents or natural deficiencies. The Coramed team is made up of doctors with substantial achievements and experience working on the latest medical equipment: meeting the highest European standards central sterilization room, the latest generation XION laparoscope, ultrasound scanner, EMERGE fractional laser, the only MAXIMUS body shaping device in Lower Silesia, and many other components of high-class medical equipment. Post-op patients stay in comfortable rooms with comfortable beds, air conditioning, TV, internet with a bathroom for the disabled, and meals delivered from friendly nearby restaurants.


The Lower Silesian Center of Hand Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Chiroplastica

Chiroplastica is a modern facility with the status of day hospital operating in Wroclaw since 2006 and employing recognized in medicine specialists – thus providing services at the highest level. Its offer includes treatments in the field of plastic surgery, general surgery, hand surgery, gynecology and plastic urology, orthopedics, dermatology, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. The clinic’s patients can also benefit from a wide range of aesthetic medicine procedures, laser therapy, and manual therapy. The clinic is recognized not only in the Polish market but also abroad. Chiroplastica has recently expanded its offer to include SPA, making it more attractive for its patients and successfully targeting clients in a new area.

Chiroplastica reception

NOA Clinic

A clinic offering treatments in cosmetology, orthopedics, plastic surgery and vascular surgery. The founder of the clinic is dr Adam Kaleciński, who belongs to the Polish Society of Dermatosurgery and Aesthetic Dermatology and the Association of Polish Surgeons. He graduated from the Medical Academy in Wrocław and began his career at the Surgical Department of the Specialist Hospital L. Rydygiera in Wrocław, where in 1997 he obtained the first degree of specialization in General Surgery, and the second in 2002. He practiced for a year under the supervision of the NOA clinic receptionFrench specialist of surgery prof. Pellerina in Lille, France. A qualified team of employees, modern equipment and functional interior are the strengths of Noa Clinic. The center provides a wide range of cosmetology, dermatological and aesthetic medicine services based on the latest equipment. It offers, among others treatments: eyelid correction, nose correction, ear correction, breast enlargement, breast reduction, abdominoplasty, liposuction, moisturizing treatments, laser hair removal, laser closing of vessels, laser removal of scars and discoloration, painless and highly effective body shaping with the Exilis device, pilling, fillers, botulinum toxin.

Prestige Clinic

The clinic offers both traditional and innovative plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine procedures. It’s equipped with modern equipment and makes use of the best medical materials, which, combined with a qualified team, led by dr Piotr Rataj, the main surgeon, makes the clinic one of the best in the region. Prestige Clinic is one of the most modern aesthetic medicine clinics in Poland. It works with both traditional and innovative methods of aesthetic correction. Prestige offer includes rejuvenating, beauty and therapeutic treatments, among them you will find: botox and hyaluronic acid correction of the lips, elimination of gynecomastia, lifting procedures, breast implants and enlargement, liposuction and abdominoplasty, liposuction of the chin, nose, eyelid plastics, fat and hair transplantation, wrinkle filling, laser procedures and more. The founder of the clinic dr Piotr Rataj is a graduate of the Medical University of Wroclaw, he started his professional practice at the Prestige clinic receptionSurgery Department of the Specialist Hospital L. Rydygiera in Wrocław and received a second degree of specialization in 2002. Doctor Rataj belongs to many associations and specialist institutions, such as the Polish Society of Dermatosurgery and Aesthetic Dermatology, the Association of Polish Surgeons, International Societies of Aesthetic Medicine, Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging, International Association of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME), World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine (WAAAM), European Society of Anti-Aging Medicine, Polish Section of Anti-Aging Medicine (PSAAM), European Society for Burn Treatment (EBA).

Clinics in Kraków

It’s the center of dental services in Poland and clinics which are considered to be the most active not only in Poland but also in Europe are located there. There is a healthy competition between the clinics, thus you may find competitive prices there, attractive packages and professional, effective treatment in order to interest clients. Krakow is one of the most beautiful Polish cities, a must-see on your travel list!

Dentestetica Dental Center

Dentesteica logo

One of the few clinics in Poland serving Danish, Swedish, Norwegian patients, very approachable to clients from Scandinavia. dentestetica receptionThe clinic currently generates 60% of its revenues owing to its patients from Norway. Dentestetica is a modern center of aesthetic dentistry located in Krakow offering comprehensive dental and orthodontic treatment, pediatric dentistry, as well as some aesthetic medicine treatments. The center is staffed with doctors of medical sciences and second-degree specialists, all with many years of professional experience and diverse specializations. Such staff and their cooperation with education and science centers around the world allow the clinic to provide comprehensive and professional dental care for patients from various ranges of age and backgrounds. The clinic offers treatments in dental prosthetics, conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, dental surgery, pediatric dentistry and root canal treatment, insertion of dental implants, bonding, teeth whitening, bone reconstruction, treatment of gum disease, Invisalign, as well as lip augmentation and modeling, cheek volumetry and other face parts, removing and smoothing wrinkles and other treatments.

Magnadent Aesthetic Dentistry Center

Magnadent logo

Magnadent Aesthetic Dentistry Center – clinic, Magnanent Clinic Doctor's Officespecialized in the treatment of local and foreign patients (mainly from Great Britain and Scandinavian countries), even offering 24-hour service. The clinic’s best ad is its founder, MD Christopher Gończowski – a specialist in conservative dentistry and endodontics with 20 years of professional experience in Poland and Norway. Doctor Gończowski lectured and trained doctors in over 30 countries around the world in the field of endodontics, local anesthesia and sedation dentistry. Currently, the staff of clinic comprises 15 experienced and trained doctors using state-of-the-art equipment and means to eliminate pain and fear factors, which significantly reduces the duration of treatment, making use of sedation with laughing gas, sedoanalgesia, and computer system’s anesthesia.

Dental Center ALBUSDENT

Albusdent Dental Clinic Logo

The clinic was founded in 2009 and focuses on the treatment of patients from Great Britain (55%), Ireland (8%), Norway (31%), the Netherlands (12%), Sweden (5%) and our Polish patients. From the very beginning ALBUSDENT Center’s mission is to combine the professionalism of the team of dentists and assistants, modern treatment based on the latest technologies with care for the comfort and health of patients. Foreign patients deciding to undergo a treatment at the Dental Center primarily choose procedures in the field of implant treatment, prosthetics, endodontics and cosmetic dentistry. The clinic, consulting room and x-ray lab are equipped with the latest Albusdent dental clinic receptionGendex equipment, Master Flux AS 3000, Carl Zeiss microscopes for endodontics, and all this is accompanied with soothing music to minimize stress in patients. The specialists working at the clinic are enthusiasts who like their work, hence their empathic approach to clients. There is also a children playroom for children in the office. The treatments offered by the clinic include, among others: resection, removal of milk and permanent teeth, as well as surgical extraction of teeth, including wisdom, incision of abscesses, implantological procedures, oral hygiene (scaling, sandblasting, fluoridation of teeth), prosthetic procedures, reconstruction using all-ceramic crowns, bridges, ceramic veneers, teeth whitening, comprehensive orthodontic treatment. The clinic has expanded its range of services to include aesthetic dentistry, which is performed by Karolina Kownacka, MD, PhD.

Luxdentica Dental Center

Luxdentica Dental Center Logo

This is the best dental clinic in Krakow according to the Global Clinic Rating (GCR) ranking, and also has GCR accreditation. The owner of the clinic is the dental surgeon Dariusz Wilisowski, whose specialty is implantology. Doctor Wilisowski is a member of implantology societies in Germany and Poland and an active participant in the American club of the school of aesthetics “Spear Study”. The clinic is served by 21 high-class specialists in conservative and aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics, implantology, orthodontics, surgery, periodontology, anesthesiology and pedodontics. The facility is one of the most modern dental clinics in Krakow, it is distinguished by achievements noticed abroad. Extensive practical experience and broad, Luxdentica dental clinic receptionconstantly expanding knowledge of specialists working at the clinic make Luxdentica a popular destination for foreigners. Thanks to the use of advanced medical diagnostic equipment and the latest technologies: computed tomography laboratory with the CS 9300 Dental Tomography System with variable imaging field, pantomography, new Ostell ISQ technology – i.e. measuring implant integration with bone – offices equipped with precise CARL ZEISS microscopes, modern computer-controlled Wand system for painless administration of anesthesia, Smart Dentin Grinder, and the Intelligent Robot, which perfectly supports the doctor during surgical and implantological procedures, the clinic provides dental services at the highest world-class level.

INDEXMEDICA Esthetic Dentistry Center

Indexmedica Dental Clinic LogoThe clinic offers dental care at the highest world-class level confirmed by numerous reviews of patients both, from Poland and abroad. It has been serving patients for over twelve years now. INDEXMEDICA has been included of to the best “TOP 5 dental clinics in Poland and TOP 70 clinics in the world” for years according to the independent Global Clinic Rating ranking. The clinic has been regularly renewing the ISO 9001 certificate received from TÜV Rheinland InterCert for 10 years, which testifies to the high quality of the services offered. As one of the few establishments, it offers foreign clients opportunity to perform pre- and post-op tests at their facilities in Great Britain and Ireland. The dental center was established in 2006, and now it also offers accommodation services. Indexmedica specialists operate on the basis of modern equipment such as X-ray, RadioVisioGraphy Digital Dental Radiography Imaging System, CT, intraoral camera and Indexmedica Dental Clinic ReceptionCEREC scanner for taking digital impressions for all-ceramic crowns, bridges, inlays and veneers. Thanks to the scanner the full ceramic e.max crowns can be prepared in 48 hours. The clinic’s offer includes treatment: implantology, Osstem & MIS implants, aesthetic dentistry, crowns/bridges/veneers, aesthetic fillings, root canal treatment, prevention, whitening, surgery, anesthesia, sedoanalgesia, gum disease. The clinic offers treatments in conservative dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics, surgery, pedodontics and periodontics. Most of the Indexmedica team are qualified specialists in dentistry with a second degree of specialization. Dr Małgorzata Pasternak, Dr Paweł Namysłowski, Dr Daniel Uryga, Dr Andrzej Gala, Dr Anna Przeklasa – Muszyńska are also doctors of medical sciences. Thousands of patients from almost 30 countries around the world have already used INDEXMEDICA services.

Clinics in Nowy Targ

Allestetis Allmedica Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

Allestetis is a clinic located in Nowy Targ, close to Krakow, offering patients comprehensive service with accommodation and car transfers. The clinic is managed by Michał Skrzypek and operates based on the latest technologies that guarantee patient’s safety. Allestetis specializes in plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and cosmetic procedures. The clinic belongs to the ALLMEDICA group – comprising the largest network of clinics in the Podhale region, offering a full spectrum of medical services: plastic Allestetis planstic surgery clinicsurgery in the area of ​​the face and head, nose correction, correction of protruding ears, eyebrow lift or eyelid surgery, face lifting, ear reconstruction and chin reconstruction, hair transplant, breast plastic surgery, gynecomastia, implantation of calf implants, abdominoplasty, thighs and arms, Body-Jet Evo water liposuction and Body-Jet Evo lipotransfer, hand lift, scar, stretch marks, tattoos and blood vessels removal, endermology treatments that allow you to model figure, remove cellulite and firm the skin. The clinic has advanced laser systems used in such procedures as 4D photorejuvenation, laser skin lifting, laser peeling or laser wrinkle removal. The clinic employs such outstanding specialists as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Dominik Boligłowa, MD, who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at Gemelli at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome and independently conducted 1788 confirmed procedures in plastic surgery.

Jelenia Góra

The city, located at the foot of the Karkonosze and Sudet Mountains, in a picturesque quiet area offers not only high-quality medical clinic services but also a wide range of recreational and leisure services to patients. 

KCM Clinic

Specialized plastic surgery and weight loss surgery hospital established in 2006, offering professional medical care for over 800 international patients annually. It offers bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass etc.), plastic surgery, orthopedics, and spine surgery. The clinic specializes in comprehensive service for foreign patients in treatment, hotel, and transport – the entire journey is organized and coordinated by the International Patients Department. KCM was recognized for its Center of Excellence in weight loss surgery as No. 1. in the world by GCR (Global Clinic Rating). KCM Plastic surgery follows with being listed as TOP 10 among most recommended Plastic surgery centers in the world. In 2009, KCM received the ISO 9001: 2009 quality management certificate, and a year later began the construction of a new hospital building, that opened in 2011 with an additional 2 state of the art OR’s and 17 private bedrooms. kcm clinic jelenia goraThis large specialized hospital consists of first-day surgery clinic, dental center, rehabilitation center, multimedia operating blocks. Single highest standard rooms for patients with own bathrooms and WiFi. The KCM offer is therefore a comprehensive offer addressed and fully focused to foreign patients. A private hospital specialized and equipped with the latest equipment is currently one of the best medical centers in Poland and Europe, offering bariatric surgery, minimally invasive and endoscopic spine surgery. Laparoscopy at KCM is performed in the latest 3D technology, as one of the few in Europe. KCM is also famous for its educational activities – every quarter we organize workshops for international Doctors and Surgeons to exchange knowledge and surgical skills that also include Live surgery broadcast. Over the years KCM Clinic became leader and Center of the first Choice for Patients looking for a safe and affordable treatment abroad.

Clinics in Szczecin

The destination most often is chosen by patients from Germany because of the close distance to Germany.

Healthy Smile Clinic Biała Szuflada (White Drawer)

Biala Szuflada Dental cLinic Logo

 One of the largest dental clinics operating since 2015 and serving mainly patients from Poland and Germany located in Szczecin. The clinic supports insured foreign patients in recovering medical expenses. The perfectly equipped Biała Szuflada offers a wide range of dental services, ranging from dental surgery, prosthetics, implantology, periodontics, endodontics, to aesthetic medicine and procedures such as mesotherapy, lifting, temporomandibular joint rehabilitation, and lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid. Each new patient undergoes full diagnostics using the most modern radiological equipment, i.e. pantomogram, tomograph, intraoral scanner, or diagnodent. Before Biala Szuflada Dental Clinicstarting treatment, hygienization procedures are often recommended, i.e. scallig, sandblasting, polishing. The clinic also offers patients DSD, i.e. digital smile design. Only highly qualified and certified dentists work at the clinic. The owners of the clinic are dentists dr Patrycja Dziuban, honored graduate of PAM, and dr Mariusz Bołzan, specialist in periodontology, a member of PTP – Polish Society of Periodontology. The clinic’s specialists also conduct domestic and foreign trainings for dentists from Poland and abroad in the field of surgery, implantology and implant-prosthetics.


HAHS Implantology and Orthodontics Clinic

Hahs Dental Clinic in Szczecin

Implantology and orthodontics clinic dedicated mainly to patients from Poland, but has recently become very popular among patients from Germany. Recognized in 2006 as the 3rd best implantological and dental clinic in Poland in Newsweek’s ranking. The clinic also offers assistance in organizing your stay in Szczecin or finding flights. For years, it has been constantly developing specialist dental, aesthetic and orthodontic treatment. The cooperation of doctors of many specialties with the prosthetic laboratory operating at the clinic guarantees Hahs Dental clinic in Szczecincomprehensive and efficient care. The specialists working at the clinic are constantly improving their qualifications both in Europe and America. The clinic offers a wide range of dental (e.g. Invisalign), aesthetic, orthodontic and rehabilitation treatments. Aesthetic services restore the right proportions of the face to achieve the right harmony and to rejuvenate it in a natural way. Dental procedures at HAHS  have been carried out for over 40 years and currently it also offers aesthetic medicine procedures such as: mesotherapy, platelet rich plasma, botox, fillers, alopecia plasma treatment, facial treatments, lip modeling. The clinic offers regenerative and anti-aging treatments for both women and men, it also helps patients suffering from ailments resulting from too much facial muscle work, the so-called bruxism, also offers painless treatment of hemorrhoids – hemoron, MonaLisa Touch laser procedures as part of modern gynecology, prenatal non-invasive tests, blood and heart tests with the help of Doppler ultrasound, 3D ultrasound examination, 4D HD Live.

Dentus Clinic

A family clinic founded in 1958 with extensive experience in providing services to patients from Great Britain and Germany, employing English-speaking patient Dentus Dental Clinic in Szczecinadvisors and native speakers. The leading doctor is the titled expert in dental implantology, doctor of medical sciences Cezary Turostowski, belonging to the Polish Implantological Association, a graduate and research and didactic employee of the PAM Orthodontics Department in Szczecin. The clinic also helps patients recover costs of treatment with the NHS, and offers comprehensive service, including accommodation and transfers. Dentus offers prophylaxis, caries treatment, root canal treatment, prosthetics and implantology – reconstructing dental losses, surgery, teeth whitening, repairing malocclusion and its derivatives regardless of patient’s age.

Clinics in Katowice

Dentim Clinic

Dentim Clinic in Katowice logo

A dental clinic founded in 2008, ranked as the best (1st place) dental clinic in Poland by the GCR (Global Clinic Rating) ranking both, in 2016 and 2018 year. It offers a wide range of services ranging from dental surgery and implantology to orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. Dentim Clinic in Katowice receptionSpecialists and founders, dr Wojciech and dr Katarzyna Fąferko offer a holistic painless approach to patients and one of the best equipped treatment centers in Silesia. Expertise of doctors confirms the extensive experience gained from practice in the country and abroad – in Barcelona – training and diplomas, min. Polish and foreign medical universities – the Silesian Medical Academy and Jan Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. Since its beginning, the center has been focusing on diagnostics and as one of the first offices in the region, it has offered its patients a digital modern X-ray lab together with a diagnostic tomograph, pantomograph, cephalostat, and a device for digital point-taking, the SimPlan Virtual Planning System guaranteeing safety and the highest class of services, as well as the speed of diagnostics, which can be completed in one working day’s time. A holistic approach towards patients is expressed in the clinic’s planning treatment with the help of an orthodontist, prosthetist, implantologist, and periodontist.

Clinics in Bielsko-Biała

Located outside main Polish cities Bielsko-Biała offers broad recreation and health spa facilities owing to the close-by mountains and nature parks.

Medical Center San-Medical 

The clinic was founded in 2012 and specializes in hair transplantation and aesthetic surgery. The head of the San-Medical and leading surgeon is dr Artur Sandelewski – a specialist in general surgery, a qualified doctor of aesthetic medicine. Doctor Artur is a member of the prestigious ISHRS – the international association of hair restoration surgery specialists. As part of an individual approach to each patient, the center offers payment in instalments, accommodation, discounts at the nearby Folwark Dębowiec, free transfers to and fro nearby San-Medical recepcionairports for guests from abroad. The certainty of safety and comfort are the world-class newest generation cameras offering minimally invasive treatments. The clinic is equipped with, among others: WAW FUE System, cold Erchonia laser, CO2 surgical laser, N.I.L. Doctor Sandelewski’s clinic offers a male and female comprehensive treatment of androgenetic alopecia and other diseases. WAW FUE System hair transplantation method employed at San-Medical brings long-lasting and quickly visible effects. The hair is evenly distributed, and after the entire procedure, the patient does not have any scars or sutures.


The Polish market of medical services for tourists is rich in services, clinics and private hospital facilities with the highest quality services equipped with the latest medical equipment regardless of the city of their location. Foreign patients have a wide range of offers to pick and choose from the one that best suits their own needs and preferences. New high-tech advancements that are already available in Polish clinics, cheap commuting, accommodation, and attractive prices of services are the advantages of our medical services market, hence the great interest in the Polish medical offer.



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Michal Matusiak

In 2014 Michal graduated from John Paul University of Lublin.
An English teacher with language skills that he can use to present selected topics in an attractive way. Translator and interpreter of publications for many academic clients, including conferences and press conferences. His achievements include book translations, operating instructions, professional documentation. Michal conducted almost 400 hours of classes at English levels A1, A2, B1, B2 in one semester. He also run Business English for adults one if the companies , TELC (The European Language Certificate) courses and worked in different private language schools in Lublin, Poland since 2013.

He easily makes contacts and builds relationships, which results from the experience of the teacher. He is not afraid of technological innovations and he successfully used them in his work more than once. Organizer of academic and official events, presenter and educator. Fluent in education philological, pedagogical, and work experience as lector and coach in other fields of activity.

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