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Leszczynowa 90 U/2, Poland, Gdansk (check on map)

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Dentineo Clinic - Dentineo clinic
Dentineo Clinic - Dentineo
Dentineo Clinic - Dentineo clinic
Dentineo Clinic - Dentineo clinic
Dentineo Clinic - Dentineo clinic
Dentineo Clinic - Dentist office
Dentineo Clinic - Microscope
Dentineo Clinic - Dentist equipment
Dentineo Clinic - Dentist equipment

Dentineo Clinic Overview

Dentineo is happy to welcome you in our modern dental clinic. First class dental treatment along with friendly, English and German speaking staff will make your dental trip a great experience. To provide you with safe and painless dental treatment we equipped our clinic with the latest dental equipment. We use Dental microscope and X-Ray (My Ray RXDC eXtend) to see detailed images of your mouth and to prepare your personal treatment plan. With our Quick Sleeper Computer Anaesthesia, you will feel no pain during your treatment, the injection of anaesthesia is painless and doesn’t cause any numbness. We can guarantee, that if you choose Dentineo for your dental treatment in Gdansk you will enjoy your healthy smile for years.


Our clinic is located in a beautiful city Gdansk. The airport is situated not far from the city, and you can always book a cheap flight there. Dentineo is easy to get by public transport or by car. We provide our patients with a free parking. Close to the clinic, we have several hotels, the closest are Leszczynowy Dworek and Cztery Brzozy.

Local atraction

Gdansk is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. It is located on the Baltic coast and will impress you with its architecture and atmosphere. Numerous restaurants and breathtaking views will make you fall in love with this city

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Languages spoken

English, Polish

opening hours

Monday09:00 - 20:00

Tuesday09:00 - 20:00

Wednesday09:00 - 20:00

Thursday09:00 - 20:00

Friday09:00 - 20:00

Saturday09:00 - 13:00


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Dentineo Clinic Doctors

Adam Bielawski
Work experience: 2023 years Languages: English, Polish


Founder of Dentineo Dental Clinic. Since graduation from the University he constantly raises his qualifications and expanding his knowledge though local and foreign conferences and workshops such as Curriculum of Implantology by Polish Implantology Association.
“My aim is to give people Perfect Healthy Smiles giving them maximum comfort during dental treatment.We at Dentineo are doing our best to change patients way of thinking about dental treatment,to make it more like Spa visits, so If You ll fall asleep in our dental chair we won’t be surprised. Try it for Yourself” – Dr. Adam Bielawski

Medical University Of GdanskDentistry
International Congress of Oral Implantologists and Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Orale Implantologie.
Polish Association of Endodontic and Polish Periodontal Association.
Many Dental Societies, among others
Polish Implantological Association
Polish Endodontic Society
Polish Peri Odontological Society
Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Orale Implantologie
International Congress of Oral Implantologists
Digital Smile Design Academy
Preparation of teeth for crowns and bridges. Atraumatic method for periodontitis
Cetyficate of attendance-Dermal Filler Training Course
Focusing on foundations in aesthetic treatment
Endocrine - alternative management of root canal treated teeth - practical course
Practical dentistry
Dermal Filler Training Course
Euro Symposium innovations in Implant Dentistry

Alicja Ramsz
Work experience: 2023 years Languages: English, Polish


Constantly improving qualifications and developing practical skills through participation in different practical courses and trainings in different fields of dentistry.
Aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics with special emphasis on correct occlusion is her main qualifications.
Main goal and priority is individual approach to the patient, his health problems and ensuring the highest possible comfort during treatments.

Medical University in GdanskDentistry
How to recognize poorly promising endodontic treatment? Diagnosis study and decision making practice
Inlay/ Onlay Practical training
Primary root canal treatment using a microscope
Digital Smile Design
Occlusion and treatment planning
Preparation of teeth for crowns and bridges

Anna Osinska
Languages: Polish, English


Passionist of a dentistry for many years.
This is the reason that she broaden her knowledge and qualifications constantly by participating in different trainings, courses and conferences regarding the newest dental technologies. She specializes in aesthetic dentistry.
Her experience and profession at Dentineo clinic; prosthetics, advanced root canal treatment under a microscope and aesthetic dentistry.

Pomeranian Medical University in SzczecinDentistry
Primary root canal treatment using a microscope
Veneers and all-ceramic inserts. Innovative methods of preparation for veneers, crowns and bridges
Preparing splints after neuromuscular relaxation. Clinical and laboratory phase
The Fdi Annual World Dental Congerss-certificate of attendance
A new era of conservative dentistry. Success stairs.

Jacek Januszewski
Languages: Polish, English


The most important aim is satisfaction and comfort of the patient.
He is passionist of aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics and dental surgery.
Participant in numerous conferences, courses and trainings in the field of modern dentistry.
In free time, an active sportsman, football fan and cinema enthusiast.

Medical University of GdańskDentistry
Porcelain and composite veneers - step by step
Conference of masters of dentistry - certificate of attendance
Difficult patient with masticatory dysfunction in the office of a prosthetist and implant prosthetist
Clinical and laboratory errors during the performance of prosthetic works. Crowns, bridges, veneers - reasons for failures and how to avoid them. How to achieve success.
Endocrown or reconstruction on the crown-root inlay? A better option for patient.
Dental surgery- certificate.
Practical dental surgery.


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