DT. Cihan Kaganoglu

DT. Cihan Kaganoglu

5 (1 reviews)

DT. Cihan Kaganoglu

(1 reviews)

Information about doctor

Work experience: 25

Languages: English, German, Arabic

In 1999 DT. Cihan Kaganoglu graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the Istanbul University.
Doctor finished International Aesthetic Treatment Education (USA) and specializes in aesthetic dentistry which includes laminate veneers treatment, crowns treatment.
Constantly raises his qualifications.


Istanbul University




5 (1 reviews)

Violet Beebe

United Kingdom



11/01/2021 12:04

July 2020. Having undergone extensive dental treatment, dental implants, bone graft procedure and additional unforseen gum surgery under the care of
Dr Kaganoglu and his specialist team. My journey to obtain the smile and confidence which has been missing for many years was finally achieved! I now feel amazing!

My sincere thanks to Dr Kaganoglu and his incredible team who throughout the process were diligent in applying their skilled techniques and professionalisms in the field of dentistry. You are indeed a master of your trade!

Finally, my heartfelt thanks to the lovely dental nurses for giving the care and compassion they genuinely felt 🙏. To all staff and Kadir bless you for going the extra mile in supporting me during my dental journey.

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