Grazyna Bochenek

Grazyna Bochenek

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Grazyna Bochenek

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Information about doctor

Languages: Polish, English

Her passion for dentistry start when she was a teenager. At that time she dreamed of becoming a dentist. A doctor with many years of professional experience and great passion.
Specializes in microscopic endodontics (root canal treatment, removal of broken instruments) and cosmetic dentistry. Regularly participates in dental courses and conferences, learning about new methods and trends in the industry, which is developing very dynamically.


Medical University of Silesia


Membership and awards

Training cycle "Modern endodontics using a microscope" - Endo I, II and III - 9th International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine

Principles of Contemporary Endodontics

Preparation of teeth for crowns and bridges. Atraumatic method for periodontitis -Support for the Leica M300 microscope

-Practical aesthetic dentistry: from whitening to composite bridges on glass fibers

Prevention and oncological activities in dentistry

Tooth injuries - epidemiology, diagnostics, treatment, prevention



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