Nikolaos S. Kouvelas

Nikolaos S. Kouvelas

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Nikolaos S. Kouvelas

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Information about doctor

Work experience: 49

Languages: English, Greek

Specialization: Dentistry

Nikolaos S. Kouvelas is a founder of Eurodentica Specialized Dental Care. Professor of Pediatric Dentistry, in the Dental Department at the University of Athens. He graduated from the University of Athens in 1975- Faculty of Dentistry. Nikolaos attended the University of Toronto in Canada where he gained specialization in Periodontics. He also was a teacher at Moscow University and practiced in Moscow in the years 1997-2000. Still rising his qualifications by participating in congresses and seminars regarding Dental Tourism.


Athens University

Faculty of Dentistry

Membership and awards

International Association for Disability and Oral Health


International Association of Dentistry for the Handicapped



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