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Below you can find a list of the clinics that offer high-quality gastric band Turkey.

Check all the Gastric Band clinics in Turkey

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Akdeniz Sifa

Antalya, Turkey

from 1250 eur

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Cayra Clinic

Istanbul, Turkey

(5 reviews)

Formedi Clinic Turkey

Antalya, Turkey

from 120 eur

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Hermes Clinics

Izmir, Turkey

from 100 eur

Gastric Band Turkey

Medical tourism in Turkey has been booming in recent years – the main reason for that is a great touristic value (such as. location, climate, culture, history, many luxury holiday resorts) as well as low prices for medical treatments and surgeries. No wonder many people choose Turkey as their medical treatment abroad destination. The popular sector chosen by patients is weight loss surgery Turkey – including gastric band surgery Turkey. People who cannot afford this surgery in their country or the NHS waiting lists are too long, have the opportunity to come for a cheap gastric band in Turkey. Gastric band Turkey, as well as other types of bariatric surgery in Turkey, is chosen by thousands of people every year and the interesting fact is that the reason for choosing a foreign country is not only the lower price but also the quality of treatments and doctors’ reputation

Gastric band is a surgery that involves placing a silicone band around the top part of the stomach. Its role is to reduce hunger – the sensors that are responsible for hunger feeling are irritated. To work properly, the band needs to be perfectly adjusted, so sometimes there is a need to loosen or tighten the band in the future. The gastric band weight loss surgery in Turkey allows for achieving life-long results for weight and health. Below, we present the important aspects of gastric band surgery in Turkey. 

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Turkey has a high standard of services

The clinics and hospitals in Turkey are controlled by the Ministry of Health and the Independent Turkish Medical Associations. There are many clinics having JCI accreditation, ISO accreditation, and JACHO accreditation. What is JCI accreditation? It is a global certification that guarantees the highest quality of health care. Clinics meeting especially JCI accreditation standards belong to the top world-class of medical institutions. Generally, clinics which are open to medical tourists use the most modern techniques and modern medical equipment, meet all the standards set by the international authorities and strictly follow the medical and healthcare guidelines. 

Turkey is a very popular holiday destination among tourists

Man Standing Next to People Seated on BenchesTurkey belongs to the 10 top destinations for tourists from the whole world. Turkey holidays are chosen by millions of people mainly thanks to its unique Mediterrainian climate – Turkey weather is the best for those who like the sea, sandy beaches, and a lot of sun. The great advantages of Turkey are historical places (after Hellens, Byzantines, Ottomans, Hittis and many other civilizations), 

  • cuisine, 
  • entertainment (especially in Istab=nbul, Antalya or Bodrum), 
  • accommodation (there are the most luxury hotels at the affordable price), 
  • shopping (many boutiques, traditional rugs and carpets and very low prices), 
  • many business opportunities for everyone. 

Medical tourists coming to Turkey almost always get the all-inclusive packages for free – it usually includes transfers from/to the airport, accommodation in a high-standard hotel, and taxi transfers to the clinic. All inclusive Turkey deals are the trademark of medical tourism there. What is also important, there are multiple cheap flights to Turkey from most countries in Asia and Europe. Easy access to major Turkish cities also contributes to the development of medical tourism. 

Turkish bariatric doctors have great experience

Doctor Sitting in Front of His DeskThere are many well educated and qualified weight loss doctors in Turkey. The majority of top bariatric surgeons studied abroad (e.g. in the US, Poland, or Austria) or gained experience and qualifications abroad working for international hospitals. Clinic Hunter is very careful about choosing the Turkish bariatric surgery surgeons for the cooperation, which gives patients the guarantee that they will be treated by a specialist with huge expertise and experience. We always share the top rated bariatric surgeons profiles and CVs with patients to build trust and make them feel safe.

Is Turkey safe?

Patients considering gastric band in Turkey usually have one troubling question: Is it safe to travel to Turkey or Is Turkey safe? The answer is: yes. Turkey is a very safe country with no domestic or international conflicts. It is widely known that there were some riots and attacks in Turkey a few years ago, and that is why nowadays there is a strong prevalent security presence on the streets, airports, touristic spots, galleries, shopping centers, and hotels. Turkey has never been so safe and secure as it is now. Both the police and army are involved in keeping order in the country. Of course, patients should be always careful about themselves and their staff, avoid dangerous or dubious places and check the official statements about the current situation in a given country while they stay in a foreign country.

How much does a gastric band cost in Turkey?


People looking for affordable surgery may be sure that weight loss surgery cost Turkey is highly competitive. The cost of gastric band there starts from 3500 GBP, while the same surgery in the UK may cost even 15 000 GBP.  It is a huge discrepancy, which allows people to save much money. The lower cost does not mean that the quality of the gastric band is lower in Turkey. On the contrary, the bariatric surgery market in Turkey is of the highest quality and follows all the international standards. 

Best places to get gastric band treatment

Patients coming for gastric band to Turkey have a wide choice of Turkish cities with bariatric clinics. The most popular destination is gastric band surgery is Istanbul. It is the most populous Turkish city and the economic, historic, and cultural heart of the country. In Istanbul, there are the best bariatric centers with world-renowned surgeons. The second most popular destination is the gastric band Antalya. Antalya belongs to the most popular Turkey holiday destinations. The city is located on the southwest coast by the Mediterranean Sea, which makes it extremely popular among tourists. There are many clinics and hospitals offering bariatric surgeries, so patients should easily find a clinic that would meet their needs there. Both Istanbul and Antalya are cities in Turkey with the international airports, which makes the travel there convenient, fast, and affordable. The easy access combined with the top clinics, free all inclusive packages and great touristic value make Istanbul and Antalya perfect destinations for medical tourists. 

Gastric Band reviews – Turkey

Please read our gastric band reviews. 

Alternative places to get gastric band surgery

Medical tourism is flourishing especially in Europe. Turkey is one of the most often visited countries, but there are other places worth considering. Gastric band Poland deserves great attention. Poland offers highly competitive prices and the highest quality of treatment. Generally, weight loss surgery in Poland and Turkey are the best options for medical tourists looking for surgery abroad. If you need more information about bariatric surgery in any of these countries (e.g. gastric band in Poland), contact Clinic Hunter, and we will provide you with all the details. 

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