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What is mommy makeover?

What is a mommy makeover? Mommy makeover surgery is a marketing term used to describe a combination of plastic surgeries dedicated to women whose bodies have changed post pregnancy and after giving birth. We are all aware that woman’s body after childbirth changes and very often, the physical changes are not positive here. Mommy makeover gives you a chance to renew your body and look as good as before pregnancy or even better.

It must be stressed that a plastic surgery mommy makeover is not a strict procedure, but is always individually adjusted to a woman’s needs and body problems. So, the answer to the question “what is a mommy makeover surgery” is blurred as it differ for every woman. For some patients, mommy makeover cosmetic surgery involves abdomen and breasts, while for others it concerns vagina area and whole body contouring.

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Mommy makeover surgery is a marketing term used to describe a combination of plastic surgeries dedicated to women whose bodies have changed post pregnancy and after giving birth.

What’s also interesting, the term “mommy makeover” has entered the world of plastic surgery and became universal, so it not necessarily refers to improving body after childbirth or post-pregnancy body. Many women look for this so-called “Post-pregnancy plastic surgery” without having babies at all. Their reason is just ageing or major body changes e.g. caused by significant weight loss – here this body contouring surgery is also highly effective. Of course, mommy makeover after pregnancy is still the most popular case, yet having babies is not a prerequisite for this cosmetic plastic surgery.

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Mommy makeover reasons

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If women are not happy with post-pregnancy body and think that the effect of pregnancy on body is really negative and cause physical and mental distress, they should definitely think about the changes and ways of how to reshape body.

Below, we present the most common reasons why women consider mommy makeover after pregnancy:

  • sagging breasts – sagging breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding is the common problem which cannot be effectively solved in any other way than a surgery; some women may also experience stretch marks post pregnancy in the breasts area, which is a sign that the skin there must be tightened;
  • lost volume of breasts – breasts often tend to become less full, or in other words, they simply get flat;
  • unfavourable look of the tummy – post pregnancy belly / post pregnancy tummy may look really unattractive; women may be left with sagging tummy skin, post pregnancy loose skin in the love handles and pubic area, post pregnancy stretch marks, post pregnancy fat; excess skin and excess fat after pregnancy may be really difficult to overcome with a diet or exercises and many women fight with post pregnancy skin conditions for years without any effects, so many a time it turns out that a plastic surgery is the only effective way to eliminate sagging skin, fat, post pregnancy loose skin and sagging tummy;
  • problems with abdominal muscles – the muscles may be separated, torn and weak; it may also cause back pain or incontinence;
  • excessive skin and fat on other body parts than tummy – women who have gained weight during pregnancy can also address these body parts during mommy makeover;
  • psychological aspects – the physical look reflects in the mental health of women and their mood; when women hate their body, cannot accept the changes and unattractive look, they cannot get the most of their motherhood or enjoy their lives; so the surgery would change the quality of their life for better.


What does mommy makeover surgery include?

Mommy makeover may include one or more surgeries. The types of procedures are always individually adjusted to every woman by a surgeon. Below, we present the plastic surgeries which may be included in mommy makeover surgery and are most often chosen by patients:

Breast implants / breast augmentation
Breast augmentation surgery increases the size of breasts (it may be a significant change or a cosmetic one) and add fullness to flat breasts. Women can choose the size and shape of breasts so that they feel comfortable with their new look.

Breast lift
Breast lift surgery is addressed to women whose breasts became sagging due to breastfeeding. This procedure may be combined with breast implants when women wish to lift breasts and make them fuller at the same time.

Breast reduction
Breast reduction surgery is dedicated to women who consider their breasts as too large and problematic. The size of breasts tend to increase also after pregnancy and breastfeeding, so women with relatively big natural breasts may find it difficult to accept the new shape and size of even bigger breasts, then reduction can be highly beneficial.

Tummy tuck / abdominoplasty
Abdominoplasty surgery (tummy tuck surgery) removes the sagging loose skin from the abdomen area and tighten the belly muscles. Women with a moderate amount of sagging skin may opt for mini tummy tuck while women with considerable amount of sagging skin may choose circumferential abdominoplasty.

Brazilian butt lift (BBL)
Brazilian butt-lift surgery (BBL surgery) is a procedure involving liposuction of a chosen body part – usually tummy and waist. Then, the fat is injected into the buttocks to make them fuller and more round. So, it combines a procedure which may be needed after pregnancy (liposuction) with a procedure which is purely cosmetic and serves as as an aesthetic improvement of a body look (buttocks shaping).

Liposuction may involve every body part – the most popular areas are tummy, flanks, thighs, hips, breasts, and back. Yet, the modern techniques allows for removing the fat from the smallest body parts, so it is up to a woman from which area she wants to get fat removed. In mommy makeover, women are often advised to get a combined tummy liposuction and tummy tuck which allows for removing the excessive fat and skin from the tummy at the same time.

Labiaplasty surgery is a cosmetic procedure improving the look of labia minora and labia majora. It is done by a plastic surgeon. It is not invasive and simple procedure.

Vaginoplasty surgery is called vaginal rejuvenation. This procedure is performed by a gynaecologist and allows for reshaping the outer part of the vagina.

Types of mommy makeover surgery

Generally, there are three types of mommy makeover surgery. The types are classified according to the body part. They are as follows:




Breast implants, Breast lift, Breast reduction

Tummy tuck, Liposuction, BBL

Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty

Ideally, a mommy makeover surgery consists of a one surgery for breasts, one for tummy and one for vagina. Yet, it is often fat from that. Many women choose e.g:

  • mommy makeover BBL / mommy makeover hourglass surgery;
  • mommy makeover breast augmentation with labiaplasty;
  • mommy makeover breast lift;
  • liposuction with tummy tuck mommy makeover.


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Ideally, a mommy makeover surgery consists of a one surgery for breasts, one for tummy and one for vagina.

Mommy makeover candidate

A good candidate for mommy makeover is a woman in good physical condition. Being in good health is a prerequisite for every plastic surgery and it must be supported by the recent blood tests results. Of course, women do not need to have ideal body weight, yet the weight must be stable and the BMI must not be too high. The third important thing is having realistic expectations towards the procedure. Setting realistic expectations is a key to success and without it, a plastic surgeon has a right to refuse to perform the surgery.

Every plastic surgeon performs the evaluation of a candidate – checks the health condition, body anatomy and psychological attitude. A candidate for surgery of mommy makeover should suffer one or few of the following problems:

  • Sagging breasts;
  • Loss of breasts volume;
  • Sagging and loose skin of the abdomen;
  • Stretch marks;
  • Stubborn fat;
  • Mental distress caused by physical look.
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A good candidate for mommy makeover is a woman in good physical condition with a stable weight and normal BMI.

What is also important in mommy makeover surgery, women who decide for this surgery should aim not to become pregnant again. They should finish having babies future pregnancies may naturally disturb the surgery results. So, surgeons often asks women whether they plan to have more babies and only after committing to having no more children, they are qualified to the surgery.

Of course, if a woman insists on a surgery, she may get it, yet it might be an unnecessary risk and waste of money, so it is always better to wait with that until women decide not to become pregnant again. From the medical aspect, the pregnancies after mommy makeover are possible of course. Women may also breastfeeding having implants, so there are no physical or medical restrictions for future pregnancies, just the cosmetic ones. At this stage, we need to note that women having had c section are also candidates for mommy makeover. C section scar does not prevent getting tummy tuck or liposuction, it is just important that the scar is healed, so the surgery should not be performed earlier than 6 months after delivery.

Regarding BMI, it also serves as an indicator of whether a woman may be qualified for mommy makeover. The rule is very simple – the higher BMI, the higher risk connected with the surgery. Women with BMI between 30 and 40 are regarded as good candidates for mommy makeover. Those with a higher BMI are advised to consider a weight loss surgery instead, as the plastic surgery is too risky and would not be effective.

At the beginning, we mentioned that candidates for mommy makeover must be in a good health to get the surgery. There are some health conditions which must be healed before getting the procedure or must be under doctor’s control all the time. They include asthma, heart conditions, hypertension / high blood pressure, diabetes, and smoking. Also, any other health problems must be reported to the doctor as they may increase the risk of the surgery. It is also relevant that patients list all the medications they take – both prescribed ones and supplements. There are some substances that should not be taken for some time before and after the surgery, so a doctor has to know about all taken meds.

Before mommy makeover

Mommy makeover is a serious surgery, so patients need to pay attention to the pre reoperative instructions for the period just before the surgery. Below, we present the list of do’s and don’ts before mommy makeover:



Get full physical exam and do all necessary tests, Fill in required medical history form, Gather medical history documents, Arrange help with children care and home duties, Do larger shopping, Follow a healthy diet, Remember about hydration, Take advised medicatons.

Stop smoking for at least 4 weeks before the surgery, Don’t take certain medications and supplements which thin the blood, Don’t drink alcohol at all for a few days before the surgery, Don’t shave the involved body parts as it may trigger infections, Don’t eat or drink on a surgery day, Don’t ignore the given treatment plan or doctor’s instructions.


Mommy makeover procedure

Mommy makeover procedure course depends on which surgeries are performed. In general, a plastic surgeon may agree to do 2,3 or sometimes 4 mommy makeover procedures. The rule is that the overall time of general anaesthesia is not too long because it may bear too much risk. A plastic surgeon performs the procedures one by one. So, the overall time of the surgery may be very long, that is why sometimes it is recommended that women split the procedures into 2 separate operations.

Shortly, the procedures may look as follows:

  • Tummy tuck (called abdominoplasty) – in tummy tuck surgery, the incision lines are made in the lower part of tummy just above the bikini line, from hip to hip. Then, the surgeon removes the excess skin and tightens the muscles if need be. Sometimes, after skin tightening, the belly buttons needs to be relocated as well so that it looks natural. After all alterations, a surgeon closes the incisions with sutures. Sometimes, the excess skin removal surgery may be combined with fat removal to achieve the best results.
  • Liposuction is a minimally invasive method of fat removal and when it’s not combined with other procedures, it may be done under local anaesthesia. Only small incision is made – it resemble a tiny dot. Through the incision, a doctor puts a cannula which separates the fat cells and sucks them out of the body. After the procedure, the tiny incisions are hardly visible, patients also need to wear compression garments to enhance the results and improve healing. Sometimes, patients may decide to get brazillian butt lift. The firs stage of BBL is liposuction. So, after the fat cells are removed, they are cleared and injected into the buttocks. BBL surgery is not so popular in mommy makeover procedures, yet it may be performed when women want it.
  • Breast lift (mastopexy) – this surgery may be done under either general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia with sedation. There are a few options for incisions depending on the breasts size, nipples position and amount of skin – they may be made around the nipples, below the breasts and below the nipples. When the incisions are made, a doctor reshapes and repositions the breasts tissue and removes the sagging skin. Then, if it’s necessary, nipples are relocated. After shaping breasts and nipples, the incisions are closed with deep sutures and secured with tapes.
  • Breast reduction surgery – in breast reduction the incisions options are the same as in breast lift. After making the incisions, a surgeon removes the excessive fat, skin and glandular tissue. If the reduction is significant, the nipples need repositioning. Reduction may also be combined with breast lift to make breast firm, youthful and perky.
  • Breast augmentation – breast augmentation surgery is always performed under general anaesthesia. Thanks to incisions, a surgeon makes a pocket, through which a saline or silicone implant is put. Breast implants may be placed under or over the muscle. Once implant is in place, a surgeon closes the incisions and puts drains to collect fluids.
  • Labiaplasty – it is a little invasive procedure done under local anaesthesia. It may involve reducing the labia by cutting out the tissue or performing liposuction on the labia. Alternatively, when women need labia to be fuller, a surgeon may inject the fat or filler to labia to increase their volume. In vaginoplasty, a doctor aims at tightening vaginal muscles.

The overall time of the surgery may be very long, that is why sometimes it is recommended that women split the procedures into 2 separate operations.

Mommy makeover recovery and aftercare

The exact mommy makeover recovery time greatly depends on the types of procedures that are performed. So, it may vary according to the scope of the surgeries and body parts involved. When women get combined procedures, the recovery from mommy makeover is longer than usual. In other cases, women may follow the usual recovery time from plastic surgery.

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Swelling, briusing and pain are normal things in the first week of recovery.

In most cases, mommy makeover plastic surgery recovery time requires taking 2-3 weeks off work. When only one procedure is done, 1-2 weeks off are usually enough. The full recovery is reached usually within 3-4 months, and the final results come within a year. It does not mean that women cannot live their normal life and these are a few months before getting back to normal. They can live normally of course, yet with some limitations. These are only the first few weeks which can be problematic and difficult in the recovery.

The first week of the recovery is very similar to every plastic surgery. It is the time when patients are tired, they may have drains, they need to wear bandage or compression garments, they suffer swelling and bruising in the operated areas. It is a normal stage of the healing process and everyone suffers the same symptoms. Many a time, women feel pain, yet the pain medication helps here. This week may be burdensome, so it is particularly important to follow all post-operative instructions and post-surgical tips which helps in smooth recovery. By the end of this week, patients also have a post-op appointment in the clinic – any worrying symptoms and signs should be reported to the doctor at this stage.

Regarding exercises, women should get rest for the first weeks. Exercises are not a priority shortly after the surgery However, the aftercare instructions involve trials to walk around as much as possible – it should be a moderate, pleasant activity rather than a form of training att his stage. The decision about restoring physical activity belongs to the surgeon, yet it is usually possible 4-6 weeks after the surgery. Trainings should be implemented gradually and their intensity and length should be increased over time depending on the body reaction and health condition.

Useful tips for the mommy makeover recovery:

  • Wear post surgery compression garments as instructed – sometimes they need to be worn for a few weeks and even if the results are already visible or you feel much better, do not stop wearing the compression clothing on your own;
  • Avoid stress – the hormones released by stress may disturb healing, so stress may not only influence the mental health but also physical recovery;
  • Get nutrition – a balanced diet full of nutrients is particularly important not only during the recovery, but for the rest of your life, so to keep the surgery results for a lifetime, follow a healthy lifestyle and stay nourished; if you have a special post-operative diet, you must also follow it strictly;
  • Follow plastic surgery aftercare – it concerns especially post-op care and hygiene of wounds and scars, it is important to do it properly to avoid infections;
  • Have a positive attitude – it is invaluable in returning to normal;
  • Refrain from smoking and alcohol – at least during the recovery;
  • Take all prescribed medications and recommended supplements.

Mommy makeover pros and cons

Mommy makeover is performed for cosmetic reasons, so, it is an elective procedure. Hence, it is important to realise all advantages and disadvantages of this surgery before committing to it. Below, we present pros and cons of mommy makeover:


  • Achieving desired physical changes, e.g. flat tummy, youthful look, breast augmentation, breast elevation, skin tightening;
  • Opportunity to make significant changes to the whole body thanks to one surgery – making the whole body slimmer, improving body contour, getting skin lifting;
  • Achieving positive skin changes as a “side effect” – making skin tight, getting younger skin, smoother skin and generally young appearance;
  • Restoring self-confidence – women will get a chance to regain sense of self-worth, getting rid of complexes results in improved confidence
  • Minimal scarring – in most plastic surgeries, the modern techniques allow for minimising the incisions and scarring;
  • Women are in better physical condition;
  • It becomes possible to wear any clothes women want (mainly thanks to the excess skin removal from the tummy)
  • Clothes fit much better.


  • The results are not permanent – they may be lost due to bad diet or lack of physical activity or disturb by a natural ageing process or pregnancy;
  • Women should watch their lifestyle for a lifetime – only then can the results be long-lasting;
  • Women need to declare that they do not want to have more children;
  • Breastfeeding may be prevented;
  • In the future, another surgeries may be necessary (e.g. breast implants need replacing every 10-15 years);
  • Mommy makeover, as any procedure done under general anaesthesia, bears risks connected with anaesthesia, so some side effects may appear;
  • There may be scars left after the surgery.
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It is important to realise all advantages and disadvantages of mommy makeover surgery before committing to it.

Mommy makeover side effects, complications and risks

Every woman should be aware of the potential surgery risks and post-surgical complications after mommy makeover. It is totally normal that some side effects may appear and sometimes not everything heals properly thus all patients must sign a document saying that they have familiarised themselves with all the potential plastic surgery risks and complications.

The plastic surgery risks and dangers that may happen after mommy makeover include:

  • infection of the operated areas (incision sites);
  • visible scars (scarring is normal and usually the scars fade away over time, yet sometimes women may experience bad wound healing and thick scarring resulting in prominent mommy makeover scars);
  • fat necrosis;
  • skin numbness;
  • bleeding (slight bleeding after the procedure is also normal, yet when it lasts for a long time and is quite intense, it should be reported to the surgeon);
  • excessive bleeding may happen during the surgery too – then, it should be immediately stopped by the surgeon;
  • deep venous thrombosis;
  • blood clots formation;
  • nerve injury;
  • anaplastic large cell lymphoma;
  • capsular contracture;
  • hematoma;
  • seroma;
  • persistent pain;
  • anesthesia risks (these are plastic surgery risks the same for every procedure performed under anaesthesia);
  • unsatisfactory results;
  • fluid accumulation;
  • loss of nipple sensation;
  • implant leak;
  • swelling.
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Choosing top-class surgeon and acting according to all post-op guidelines allows for avoiding most of risks after mommy makeover.

The risks above may seem really serious, yet most of them happen very rarely and a great part of them can be well controlled by a patient or a doctor at an early stage. In general, mommy makeover is a safe surgery and cases of the harmful complications are extremely rare.

What is more, there are two perfect ways of minimising the potential risks. Firstly, patients should choose an experienced and certified plastic surgeon who specialises in combined plastic surgeries. The better a surgeon, the less risk of complications. Women should always check a doctor’s qualifications and reviews from former patients as it is the surgeon who greatly influences the safety of the surgery, effects and healing. Secondly, patients should follow all the instructions given to them in the clinic. The recovery, self-care and limitations in the first weeks after the surgery are particularly important for the healing and in fact, many of the post-op complications are caused by the improper care and actions resulting from the patient’s ignorance. So, choosing top-class surgeon and acting according to all post-op guidelines allows for avoiding most of risks after mommy makeover.


Non surgical mommy makeover

Mommy makeover has some non-surgical alternatives. However, we need to stress that only a surgical procedure can give such spectacular and long-lasting effects and the alternatives cannot be a substitute for it. Yet, when women cannot afford the surgery, do not want to get a surgical operation or just do not need so dramatic changes, they have some other non-surgical solutions to consider. Below, we present the popular procedure chosen by women.

As for the alternatives to tummy tuck and liposuction / fat transfer, the most popular procedure is coolsculpting. It used the cooling technology to freeze fat cells and destroy them. The most popular area for this procedure is tummy coolsculpting. It is proven that coolsculpting stomach gives good results for moderate fat accumulation.

fat woman looking on her tummy

Mommy makeover has some non-surgical alternatives, which cannot be a substitute for this surgery.

Another popular solution is radiofrequency body sculpting – it used energy to break down and remove the fat cells. For loose skin, the great option is skin tightening radiofrequency treatment. The thermal radiofrequency body sculpting triggers the collagen production and tightens the skin. Patients notice the results immediately after the procedure. The market offers also laser skin tightening, the popular of which is fraxel laser mommy makeover.

Women who also struggle with stretch marks may opt for microneedling. Microneedling for stretch marks is the most popular non-surgical treatment chosen by moms. Microneedling pen is a small device with tiny needles – it creats many small punctures in the skin, which activates the production of elastin and collagen. Women notice less visible stretch marks, smaller pore sizes and scar reduction after this procedure.

The alternative to vaginoplasty is femilift. Femilift procedure is called also laser vagina tightening. It allows for tightening of the vagina and strengthening of the bladder and urethra surrounding ligaments. It also helps heal bladder leakage.

There many more non-surgical procedures dedicated to women after pregnancy, so it is quite easy to find a cosmetic procedure fitting a budget and needs. What we want to stress here is that women pay attention to the quality of the procedure and it’s credibility – we do not advise choosing doubtful, unverified and non-certified methods, but rather opting for widely accepted aesthetic procedures which results are proven.

Mommy makeover cost

How much is a mommy makeover? Before we elaborate on the mommy makeover costs, we need to note that there is no a fixed mommy makeover price. Since it is a combined procedure and may consists of a few various procedures, it is always quoted individually. So, the main determinant of the mommy makeover surgery cost is the number and types of involved procedures. To give an example, women may expect a totally different price for mommy makeover including tummy tuck and breast reduction than for the surgery involving vaginoplasty and tummy liposuction.

What is more, mommy makeover prices vary across the world – the location of the clinic plays a role here. The cost may very greatly between the countries, e.g. mommy makeover cost UK is more expensive than mommy makeover in Turkey. In addition, it may vary also between the cities – mommy makeover cost London tends to be higher than the cost in Lancaster. The other aspect of the cost is a clinic’s reputation and surgeon’s experience – the world-class surgeons usually present expensive offers for mommy makeovers. Yet, patients need to think whether it is the best quality of the surgery or low mommy makeover plastic surgery cost that is the most important factor for them.

The usual mommy makeover packages price UK and other countries include:

  • The surgery (agreed by a patient and a surgeon);
  • Anaesthesia (local or general);
  • Surgeon’s fee;
  • Hospitalisation and the cost of surgical facility;
  • Necessary devices (e.g. implants);
  • Medications and post-op clothing;
  • Medical tests and consultations before the surgery.

Mommy makeover UK

Mommy makeover UK price is quite high in private clinics. To get a good-quality mommy makeover surgery UK, women may expect to spend over 10 000 GBP, often the prices exceed even 15 000 GBP.. Of course, mommy makeover London is the most expensive as there are the best clinics and the best surgeons in the UK. Hence, we advise that women search for other cities, e.g. mommy makeover Birmingham UK where the prices are slightly more competitive. Obviously, the prices for plastic surgeries in the UK are too high for many women, but there is a great alternative, namely getting mommy makeover abroad.

Mommy makeover abroad

Getting plastic surgery abroad has been a very popular solution for people coming from the West European countries where the cost of aesthetic procedures is really high. Plastic surgery abroad prices are often two or sometimes three times cheaper, which makes a huge difference for patients and their finances. Regarding mommy makeover Europe, the main countries where people find plastic surgeries far too expensive are the UK, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Sweden or Finland, while countries with the cheapest mommy makeover are Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. The main difference between these countries is the price of course, but there is also a second aspect important for patients. Namely, going abroad and paying a much lower price makes it possible for patients to get the best mommy makeover and to choose the best mommy makeover surgeon.

In their home countries, patients could not afford the best mommy makeover surgeons, so the standard and quality of the surgery may be much higher abroad. Finally, patients should be aware of the fact that medical tourism is well-developed in destination countries and clinics offer plastic surgery abroad packages which include the hotel, transfers and even flights – so booking a surgery abroad, patients may feel as if they book holidays.

Mommy makeover Poland

Night Warsaw

Poland is famous for its excellent quality and standard of the treatment.

Mommy makeover Poland is one of the most popular procedures chosen by female medical tourists. Poland is famous for its excellent quality and standard of the treatment. There are one of the best plastic surgeons in Europe and authorities in the medical world. So, everyone getting a plastic surgery there can be sure about the best standard of medical care got in the private hospitals.

At the same time, Poland is highly competitive in the European market as for the costs and it one of only a few countries offering so great quality at such a low cost. The cost of mommy makeover in Poland is 3500 GBP – 6500 GBP. The cities that are worth visiting in Poland include Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław and Gdańsk. Touristically, this country is also very attractive, so people coming for the surgery could visit this beautiful and historically-rich place.



Mommy makeover Turkey


Mommy makeover Turkey prices are even more competitive than in Poland.

Turkey mommy makeover is a second popular destination among Europeans. Mommy makeover Turkey prices are even more competitive than in Poland thanks to the donations from the Turkish government. Turkey, as a country, is greatly focused on medical tourism and thanks to that, their competitiveness is increasing all the time. Mommy makeover cost Turkey starts from 3000 GBP.

The final mommy makeover Turkey price is always individual, yet the final costs are really affordable. In addition, all international patients are offered mommy makeover packages price Turkey, so the whole trip resembles all-inclusive holidays. As for the most popular destinations, women often choose mommy makeover Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir.

Mommy makeover reviews

The reviews are a valuable source of knowledge and information about the procedure, clinic, doctor and effects. They should always be checked and verified by patients, especially if they look for the surgery abroad. On the Internet, there are plenty of mommy makeover reviews UK or mommy makeover Turkey reviews, which can give much information about a considered hospital, surgeon and medical staff. Sometimes, they can prevent patients from making wrong decisions about the surgery and sometimes they can reassure them about their right choice.

Mommy makeover is a quite exhaustive and serious surgery, so it’s always good to hear other patients thoughts and experience in this regard.

Mommy makeover before and after

Mommy makeover surgery before and after photos are a must-see when it comes to choosing the surgeon. We always recommend that patients ask the clinic for mommy makeover surgery pictures, mommy makeover plastic surgery before and after photos, mommy makeover results and mommy makeover transformation pics. Such photos are the best showcase of a surgeon and his/her skills.

Nowadays, clinics do not have problems with sharing mommy makeover images and mommy makeover surgery before and after photos, they often appear also on the surgeons’ individual websites. Yet, if for some reasons, mommy makeover before after pics are not shared, it is always good to ask the doctor or the clinic to show the best mommy makeover results of their patients.


woman in unerwear with tulip in her hand

Mommy makeover is a plastic surgery dedicated to women after pregnancy and childbirth to restore the youthful, slim, aesthetic, firm body and improve women’s confidence.

Mommy makeover is a plastic surgery dedicated to women after pregnancy and childbirth. It may include different surgeries depending on individual problems, yet the most commonly chosen procedures include breast lift, breast implants, tummy tuck, liposuction, vaginoplasty and labiaplasty.

The aim of mommy makeover is restoring the youthful, slim, aesthetic, firm body and improving confidence and sense of self worth for women whose body naturally changed after they have babies.

Getting the surgery may be quite expensive, but there’s a good news for everyone looking for a good quality and low price at the same time – women may go for the surgery abroad.

The most popular countries for mommy makeover are Poland and Turkey – the prices there are often over two times as low as in the UK. If you are considering mommy makeover abroad, contact Clinic Hunter and our advisors will help you find the best clinic and the most affordable prices.


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