Dt. Erdal Kumkumoglu

Dt. Erdal Kumkumoglu

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Dt. Erdal Kumkumoglu

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Information about doctor

Work experience: 28

Languages: Turkish, English, Dutch, German

Specialization: Dentistry

Dt. Erdal Kumkumoglu graduated from Justus Liebig University of Germany. His mail branch of dentistry is implantology, prosthesis, and periodontology. After his graduation, he worked in Amsterdam for two years as an assistant, dentist, and oral hygienist. He has his own clinic located in Istanbul. The clinic is equipped with the latest technological dental instruments. He is a great specialist in the field of dental implants including smile design and other aesthetic dentistry treatments like veneers or crowns. He is treating patients from different countries including Europeans, Middle Eastern, and Americans.


Istanbul University Capa

Dentistry Faculty


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